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How many people in Canberra?

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Canberra - Population: 340,800

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How many people live in Canberra?

Canberra has a population of approximately 358,222 people.

How many people visit canberra each year?

In the past few years, tourism has been booming in the Canberra area. It is estimated that about 2 million people visited Canberra and the territory in 2013.

How many people live in canberra city?

About a million and a half.

How many people died in the Canberra bushfires?

Four people lost their lives in the fires.

How many kilometres from Canberra airport to Canberra CBD?

12 k's from Canberra city to the airport.

What languages are spoken in Canberra Australia?

The language of Canberra, as with the rest of Australia, is English. There are many cultures represented in Canberra, so many other languages are spoken.

How many hospitals are there in Canberra?

There was two: Woden Hospital Canberra Hospital But Canberra hospital was knocked down and Woden Hospital was renamed Canberra hospital.

How many acres in Canberra?

Canberra has a total area of 201,216 acres.

How many kilometres from canberra to condobolin?

Canberra to Condobolin NSW 377 km.

How many km between Canberra and Hobart?

1389km - Distance from Canberra to Hobart

What was the Population of Canberra in August 2009?

Around 345,000 people lives in Canberra in mid 2009.

Who were the first resident of Canberra?

the abarigional people who lived there canberra means meeting place in aborigional

What is the approximate size of Canberra?

Canberra is the capital of Australia. Canberra covers a total of 314. 4 square miles and has a current population of 381,488 people.

Do Australians refer to Canberra as ACT the way Washington DC is often called DC?

No. Australians tend to refer to Canberra as "Canberra". The ACT is the territory which encompasses Canberra and its suburbs and districts, but when people are visiting Canberra or flying down for business, they never refer to the ACT, but rather, they refer to Canberra..

How many km from Wollongong is Canberra?

Wollongong to Canberra, approx 250-260 kms

Who developed the plan for canberra?

the people that were incharge of canberra. but the person that created the plan was Walter Burley Griffin.

Did canberra open in 1925?

Canberra is a city, so it did not "open" at a particular time. It was officially founded with the turning of the first sod of earth in 1913, and it gradually grew from there. The original Parliament House opened in 1927, but there were people living in Canberra many years before that.

How many air miles is it from Canberra Australia to England?

There are approximately 10,540 air miles between Canberra and England.

How many houses were destroyed in the Canberra fires?

If you are referring to the Canberra Bush fires of 2003, there were over 500 homes destroyed.

How many embassies in canberra?

There are currently 91 embassies and/or high commissions in Canberra. A list can be found at the related link below.

How many miles is it from Canberra to Ayers Rock?

The driving distance between Canberra and Uluru is 1,629 miles (2,621 kilometres).

What do people in Canberra do in there spare time?

Focus on spelling their correctly.

Who was affected by the canberra fires 2003?

The people in the Central Highlands.

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