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approx 34 million in South Africa

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Q: How many people in South Africa is using smartphones?
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When did people start using smartphones?

Mid 00's

Why did the British people invade south Africa and started apartheid?

The British people did invade South Africa and started apartheid because they were using the divide and rule tactic.

Is South Africa using hydroelectricity?

yes they are

What country did president carter criticize for using apartheid?

South Africa

Will a psp from the US work in South Africa?

NO! south Africa has a nation wide ban on US. electronics. if you are caught using them you WILL be fined and you WILL be put into prison!

What was trade in South Africa like in the olden days?

In the olden days, the form of trade that existed in South Africa was barter trade. This means that instead of using money, people would exchange goods for other goods or services.

Can you buy kale in South Africa?

No information was found for buying kale in South Africa, but it is also known as borecole in that area and stores may be using that name. Though you may not be able to buy kale, it can be grown in South Africa and seeds are available.

When did Google start its service in South Africa?

In June of the year 2009 Google started to allow people in Africa access to various information concerning health and agriculture via SMS using mobile devices.

What is the distance in miles between Cradock South Africa and Cape Town South Africa?

The distance is around 848 kilometres, or around 526 miles. This is using the most direct route.

Which way is South America moving?

So the direction and speed of plate motion is measured with the assumption that the Africa plate is stationary. Using this standard South America is moving west away from Africa.

Where could a person hire a car from Europcar in South Africa?

A person in South Africa can hire a car from Europcar by using the reservation system on the Europcar website or by calling reservations at 0861-131-000.

How does Max Weber's theory on power relate to South Africa?

max weber relate in south africa just because he was the best theoritical man in the world an d he is the man who is most used in using the political

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