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How many people in a battalion?

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While the size of units varies from service to service, country to county and the era, currently a typical Battalion consists of somewhere between 300 and 1500 men. It will usually contain 3 to 7 companies or batteries and be led by a Lt. Colonel.

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How many people does a battalion consist of?

A Battalion consists of 1000-1500 soldiers.

How many people are in a US Marine battalion?


How many people were in the 28th Maori Battalion?

Over 3,600 Battalion soldiers saw active service with the 28th Maori battalion ,649 of whom were killed

How many of you people like Battalion Wars 2?


How many marines are in a battalion?

there are 300 to 1000 marines in a battalion

How many soldiers in a battalion?

500-1500 soldiers in a battalion

Were there women with the Mormon Battalion?

The Mormon Battalion brought a few women along as laundresses and cooks. Many of these women were the wives of men in the battalion.

How many in a army battalion?

In the United States Army a battalion consists of 300 to 1,200 soldiers.

Which is larger a brigade or battalion and how many men?

A brigade is larger than a battalion by about 100,000 men

How many men are in a infantry battalion?

An infantry battalion has between 300 and 1,300 men.

How many men are in a battalion?

a lot

How many syllables in battalion?


How many tanks are in a modern tank battalion?

It depends upon what military you are talking about and what type of tank the battalion utilizes or is it diverse? For a light tank battalion the numbers will be greater than a Main Battle Tank battalion.

How many soldiers in a company?

how many soldiers in a battalion

How many companies are in a battalion?

It is done differently in different armies, but there are usually three or four companies in a battalion.

Who is in charge of a battalion?

The Battalion Commander is in charge of a battalion.

How many people in a US Army battalion?

Depending on unit composition, it could be anywhere from 500 to 800 or more.

What is the difference between a battalion and battalion commander?

battalion alludes to the number of men therein. battalion commander alludes to the commander of the battalion

What is the collective noun for battalion?

The word battalion is a collective noun for a battalion of soldiers or a battalion of photographers.

What is a Battalion Runner?

a battalion runner was a solider in the world wars who ran messages from the main office (which where behind the trenches) to the front of the trenches where the message would then be passed down the rest of the trenches. this was a very dangerous job and many people died fact - Hitler was a very successful battalion runner in ww1

How many soldiers in a United States army battalion?

A Battalion consits of about 500 to 1500 men usually consisting of between two and six companies and a battalion is usually commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel.

Is battalion an adjective?

No, battalion is a noun.

How many helicopters are in a assault helicopter battalion?


How many companies were there in the 28th maori battalion?


How many people were in the Mormon Battalion?

549 or 593 with childrenBook Entry: 1846; "August, Sat. 1. - The Mormon Battalion , now numbering 549 souls, including officers, privates and servants, arrived at Fort Leavenworth." (LDS Church chronology 1805 - 1914, by Andrew Jenson, page 30)There were 35 women with the Mormon Battalion and about 44 children. The children would not have been in the totalled number so the actual people with the Mormon Battalion would be 593.

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