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How many people like gymnastics?

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How many people in the US like gymnastics?

About 1million

Why do people like gymnastics?

Answer: People like gymnastics because it builds up confidence and strength. It is also one of the first girls sports there was, and people got used to it, and like it!

How many people like gymnastics better than dance?

4 cats and 3 dogs and 1 bat prefer dance...all others like gymnastics (YAY)

How many people have done gymnastics?

There is really no way to tell. Because all over the world people do gymnastics. Also some people only do it for a little while (like a month) and that still counts as having done gymnastics. Sorry I don't have a better answer!

Do everbody like gymnastics in school?

yes alot of people think gymnastics is cool

What is the percentage of people that like gymnastics?


How many people are in gymnastics?


How many people on a gymnastics team?


How many people in the world think that gymnastics is not a sport?

I love gymnastics and has been my absolute favorite sport since I was 2 years old. All my friends always say, "you have to play a sport!" I always say, "I do, gymnastics. It's is in the Olympics, so it is a sport!" Many people in the world think that gymnastics is not a sport and all the people that do gymnastics are the ones that really know that gymnastics IS a sport. Also, gymnastics is on the chart of the top 10, most hardest SPORTS! Gymnastics is a sport.

How many people done gymnastics in the Olympics?


How many people take part in gymnastics?


Why do people think that gymnastics is a girl sport?

Many people associate gymnastics with flexibility. Girls are generally more flexible than boys so they think that boys can't do gymnastics. Actually gymnastics is more about your strength and ability to endure.

What is a gymnastics teacher?

a gymnastics teacher is like a coach she or he teaches you how to do gymnastics

How many people die in gymnastics each year?


How many people are needed for the sport gymnastics?

6 peoples

Who is involved in gymnastics?

Anyone can be involved in gymnastics, the people who compete in gymnastics are called gymnasts.

How many people are on a gymnastics team?

A gymnastics team is comprised of both men and women. In total there are 12 people on a team with six alternatives between the ladies and the guys.

How many players make a gymnastics team leaglly?

Three people

Why do people like gymnasics?

Yy Do People Like Gymnastics ? Wa A Stupid Question ! Yy Do Uu Lik Chocolate Yy Do Uu Like Watching Tv Yy Do Uu Like To Read ! Uu Enjoy It Duhh ! Gymnastics Is A Way Of Life For People Nat Jusd A Sport But There Lives !]

Should you do gymnastics or soccer?

it depends on what you like because if you like gymnastics do that or if you like soccer most girls would do gymnastics and most boys would do soccer

Contribution of gymnastics?

The contribution to gymnastics is that you get to inspire people to that sport

Who are the greatest people behind gymnastics?

Arguably the greatest people behind gymnastics are the coaches and assistant coaches, many of whom are volunteers, who support the sport at grass-roots level.

Were can people sigh up for gymnastics in Houston?

Some gymnastics gyms in Houston are: -Stars Gymnastics Training Center -Cypress Academy -Houston Gymnastics Academy -Bannon's Gymnastix -Discover Gymnastics -Woodlands These are just a few, I'm sure there are many others. Hope this helps.

What is the percentage of gymansts killed in gymnastics each year?

gymnasts dont usually get killed but if they were to die it would be because they over worked or had some kind of disease that could have been infected by gymnastics. but as a gymnast myself i would say that if you were going to do gymnastics dont think about how many people get killed just think about how many people have fun doing gymnastics.

What is joga gymnastics?

Joga gymnastics is a gymnastics league that is less practice time and you can choose your own routine and music. It is probely more for people that do other sports or for people that like to do there own stuff. I think it is really fun. But that's just me. Hope I help :)

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