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How many people litter in the US?

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This question is impossible to answer because there are the bold and the sneaky. Some people will litter right out in the open, while others are more sneaky about it so there are no stats. If your streets are highly littered then you live in a city of pigs! Many countries have the same problem, but there are some countries that are extremely strict about littering and a hefty fine is given.

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Colorado has an ok amount of litter in it but in Downtown Denver there are many pieces of trash in it.

the estimate is almost 10 million people they are mostly teenagers tip: never litter or else

Many people die per year due to rubbish-litter. Because it pollutes the environment causing outbreak of diseases.

Too many. The number of chronic US litterbugs was estimated as 10 to 20 million in 2008, and as many as 40% of all people have littered on some occasion.

There are 1.102 US quarts in a litre.

Over 1,000,000 people litter in a year. That counts me because I littered 2,000,000,000,000,000 times a millosecond

1000000002 people every year :)

People who live and work in Antarctica are generally conscientious about not littering. Random litter is also picked up by random humans who find such litter.

About 500 or 600 people litter

probably about 100-700.

It isn't that people don't litter outside. It is that they are not supposed to litter outside. Many communities have regulations against littering because it affects other people's properties and someone has to clean up after those who litter. Litter is unsightly and can create safety and health hazards.

i think that lazy dumb people litter.

people litter cigarettes most

Yes. People litter in all states

2 liters = 2.11337642 US quarts

dont know but their is a lot. jokes scientists arent shaw because to many people litter in Australia. and we should be more like Singapore. e.g (throw litter on the street and can be up to a few years jail).

1 liter = 2.11337642 US pints

1 liter = 4.22675284 US cups

how many bottle of cocacola 2 letters for 5o people

Someone might be able to give you a better answer than this one if you asked:How many people throw litter on the floor in a year in [the name of your town]?(Or give the name of your county, state or country.)my answer would be, after doing my reacher. 7 billion people litter, in otherwords, eveybody in the world

The average litter size is 3-4, and they can have as many as 9 in one litter.

A litre is 2.11 US pints. It is also 1.76 Imp. pints

An average litter has 5 but they can have as many as 12

It is most definetly true because when people see litter, it makes them think it is ok to.

People might litter in the oceans because there is not bins to throw the trash away.

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