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The current population of Bulgaria is 7,204,687

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How many people live in Ruse?

Ruse, Bulgaria: about 150,000

What is the capital of Bulgaria and how many people live there?

The capital city is called Sofia and about 7 million people live in there.

How many people live in Sofia?

Assuming you mean Sofia in Bulgaria approx. 1.4 million people

How many different kinds of crocodiles live in Bulgaria?

In Bulgaria do not live crocodiles, except in the zoos

Where do most people live in Bulgaria?

They mostly live in Bulgaria with about ^^^^^^^^ of them. Ha! U guys dont know the number.

Why does people live in Bulgaria?

Because its a nice country

Where do people live in Bulgaria?

in cities and in the rural places

What different nationalities of people live in Bulgaria?


What population of people in Bulgaria live in Britain?

In 2017, around 200.000

How many people in Bulgaria can read and write?

Literacy rate in Bulgaria is 94%, according to the 2011 census.

How many people are living in Bulgaria?

about 7 million

How did the land of Bulgaria benefit the people here?

Its a place for Bulgarians to live, to develop themselves

How does Bulgaria people live?

Living well as per local standard. Trying for better

How many people visited Bulgaria in 2005?

visit the website of National Statistical Institute or BATO, Bulgaria. Check for archive!

Do gerbils live in Bulgaria?


Did vikings live in Bulgaria?


Is Bulgaria beautiful?

There are many, many places in Bulgaria that are beautiful.

Where does the Syrian hamster live?


Do robins live in Bulgaria?


What sharks live in Bulgaria?

No sharks

Is there a place in Russia called Bulgaria?

Yes many people may often get confused that Bulgaria is situated in Russia as the Russian and Bulgarian Emmbasseys are the same although the european country of bulgaria previously known as the republic of bulgaria is no longer in bulgaria as of 1968 when bulgaria became free from russia, there is still the village of bulgaria in russia which was named after Bulgaria itself. So the answer is yes there is a place in russia called bulgaria. Hope this helps.

How many people visit Albany in Bulgaria a year?

Be clear- Albany or ALBENA

How many people work in agriculture in Bulgaria?

Less than 10% of the population

How many people are homeless in Bulgaria?

about 300 thousand, mostly old and jobless

Do tigers live in Bulgaria?

Tigers are not naturally occuring in Bulgaria. but might be found there in zoos and similar.

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