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Technically, Holland is a smaller region within The Netherlands, constituting the NW coast along the North Sea (provinces of North Holland and South Holland).

Holland population (October 2013) - 6,314,483

The Netherlands population (early 2014) - 16,856,620

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How many people live in Holland per square km?

Holland has a population density of 1,105.22 persons per km²

Do blacks live people in Holland?


What do call people who live in Holland?


How called people who live in holland?


What are people who live in Holland called?


Did people from holland live in colonial Delaware?


What are people who live in Holland are called Dutch or?


How many people are there in Holland?

about 16.700.000

How many people have a Twitter account in Holland?

There are approximately 200,000 users in Holland.

Who are the people that live in the Netherlands?

The Dutch live in the Netherlands. Remember, the Netherlands and Holland are the same country.

Which country means Dutch?

Dutch people live in Holland (Netherlands).

How do you say the people born in Holland?

Dutch people or The Dutch. This may surprise many. Holland is not a nation. Holland is a region of the nation named The Netherlands. It's true. :)

Were did Dutch come from?

The Netherlands. Or Holland as many people call it. Holland is really a province in The Netherlands.

What is the another name for Holland?

Holland is the incorrect name for the Netherlands, Dutch is the main language. However many people still call it holland (even the dutch people them self)

How many people are in Holland?

There are ± 17 million people living in the Netherlands.

What is living abroad?

it means that you are living in another country, eg: If you live in the USA and you decide to live in Holland, this means you will be living abroad. the same goes for people living in Holland and they want to live in England, they are going abroad.

Where in Holland is Amsterdam?

Holland is not a city or even a country. Amsterdam is a city located in the province of Noord Holland in the country known as The Netherlands. There is also a province known as Zuid Holland. The Netherlands also has other provinces that do not have the word Holland in their names such as Flevoland, Zeeland, and Groningen. Many people are often confused by the fact that country is not actually called Holland. Holland is a name used by many to unofficially represent the Netherlands though people from the provinces outside of Noord Holland and Zuid Holland tend to dislike this.

Where does Tom Holland live?

Tom Holland lives in London (kingston)

How many times does Ireland fit into Holland?

Ireland does not fit into Holland. It is much larger. It is also bigger than the Netherlands, the country of which Holland is a region, though many people mistakenly think they are the same.

Where do people in holland work?

Probably in Holland.

When was The Mole Show Live in Holland created?

The Mole Show Live in Holland was created on 1983-06-04.

What kind of people live in Holland?

There are many type of people there are Kind people opened minded Caring and if you are losed they will help you in anyway they can until you know where you are and you know where you have to go too. And there is also a bad side of Holland or any other country and if you are in a bad side there might be grumpy people mean dont care about you when you are losed and there are people that are also in a very bad

How many Christians are in Holland?

Not a lot. In the Netherlands, not a lot of people have a religion.

How many people died while building the holland tunnel?


How many flower markets are the in holland?

Well in Holland there are millions of flowers it because the people like the place to look pretty