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just over 3 million people.

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Q: How many people live in Johannesburg South Africa?
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Where do most people live in South Africa?


Why do most people live in Johannesburg?

Johannesburg is the richest city in South Africa and in Africa, hence millions of people come to live in Johannesburg in order to find employment or to make money in the informal market. Basically people live in Johannesbug because this is where the most money is to be had.

Where did the parlotones live?

The Parlotones are from Johannesburg, South Africa

Where do zulus live?

In South Africa Most Zulus live in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Province of South Africa. But many have moved to find work in major cities in other parts of South Africa such as Johannesburg.

Where does Leon Schuster currently live?

Leon Schuster lives in South-Africa,Johannesburg in Sandton

Who were the first people to live off the land in South Africa?

the first people to live in south africa was the africa famers

How many people live below the poverty in South Africa?

50%of the people in south Africa live below the poverty line in south Africa

Where does Crusoe live?

umm... i live in ferndale Johannesburg South Africa on the corner of elgin and oxford roads... and that is the truth!!!!!

Where most people live in Africa and South east Asia?

In south of South Africa

Where does Daniel crusoe live?

umm... i live in ferndale Johannesburg south Africa on the corner of elgin and oxford roads... and that is the truth!!!!!

How long is it from joburg to duban if i live at 8 in the aternoon?

Johannesburg, South Africa (JNB) to Durban, South Africa (DUR): 21+ flights per day, 1h 5m duration.

Where do most of the people live in south Africa?

Around 60% of South Africans live in an urban setting, while the remainder is rural. Johannesburg is the most populous city followed by Cape Town. Durban is the largest city by surface area followed by Johannesburg. The Gauteng province is the most populous followed by KwaZulu Natal.

Where did the igbo people live?

the igbo people live in south africa

What region of Africa do the Zulu people live?

South Africa

Do people in south Africa live closer to the south pole than people that live in southern south Africa?

The question makes no sense, the areas are one and the same

Famous people that live in south Africa?


Who lives the closest to the South Pole people in South America or in South Africa?

People in the tip of South America live closer to the South Pole than do people in South Africa.

How lives with HIV in South Africa?

Many poorer people live with HIV in South Africa.

How did black people suffer in South Africa?

it effacted south Africa in how people live and also the afrikaners gained the power

What do they call the people who live in South Africa?

South Africans... x

What is maximum record to live under the water?

10 days by tim yarrow johannesburg,south africa november 2002 hope this helps (:

In south Africa what do people live in?

In southAfrica we live in houses ok......?

What do south africans live in?

houses, apartments, the same as people in amerika (i live in south africa)

Who picks chocolate?

the people that live in south africa.

Where does the Ndebele people live in South Africa?