How many people live in Munchen?

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About a million but more in the burbs.....One of my favorite cities in the world!

How many people live on Earth?

The population of the world is about 7.4 billion people. The numberis constantly changing as people are born and die. World Population According to the US Census Bureau, the estimatedpopulation of the world as of June 2013 was 7,090,372,979. That number is expected to increase by about 212,035 ever ( Full Answer )

How many people live in Holland?

Technically, Holland is a smaller region within The Netherlands, constituting the NW coast along the North Sea (provinces of North Holland and South Holland). Holland population (October 2013) - 6,314,483 The Netherlands population (early 2014) - 16,856,620

How many people live in Thailand?

over 60 million people According to the UN, it is 64 millionEstimated at 63,700,000 about 76 million people

How many people live in Wyoming?

The population in Wyoming as of July 1, 2015 was 586,107 per theU.S. Census Bureau. Wyoming is the least populated U.S. state.

How many people live in Korea?

Approximatley there are about 47,817,000 people living in Korea but that is in the year 2005. . +___+ ADRIANA

How many people live in the Philippines?

There are about 88.7 million people that lives in the Philippines. Estimated 92 million. It is the worlds twelfth most populous nation. 87,567,508 The estimated population in 2009 was 91983000 The official population of the Philippines is 88.57 million as of 2007, and the projected populatio ( Full Answer )

How many people live in Pennsylvania?

According to the US Census, as of April, 2010, the population was 12,702,379. An estimate in late 2011 was 12,742,886.

How many people live in Oklahoma?

There are nearly 4 million residents in the state of Oklahoma.Oklahoma has the 28th highest state population, where Californiahas the highest. According to the U.S. census in 2009 there are 3,687,050 people living in Oaklahoma.

How many people live in a suburb?

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How many people live in Fremont?

Fremont is located southeast of the San Francisco Bay area in theEast Bay region. The population is 220,000 people.

How many people live in Belize?

the amount of people that live in Belize are 344,700 people! 300647 is what was estimated in 2008

How many people lived the holocaust?

There were about 9,000,000 Jews in Europe during the Holocaustyears. Two-thirds of them, all civilians, were killed. See also theattached Related Link.

How many people live in Flordia?

The US Census in 2006 estimated that 18,089,888 people lived in Florida. You can find out al about Florida at

How many people lived in Herculaneum?

all of them,except for the ones that were dead. i put it on hood muhamad shut up muhamad tori lee anne Beth was here

How many people live in Atlanta?

The current population of Atlanta, Georgia is 537,958. However, the Atlanta metropolitan area has 5,376,130 inhabitants. the population in Atlanta is about 940,000,000 people. Hard to believe huh?

How many people lived in the annex?

the people who lived with anne was her family: mr. fank mrs. frank margot (her older sister) and anne. the vaan dans: mr and mrs. vaan dan, and there son peter. last ablert dussel.

How many people live in Haiti?

The population, prior to the 2010 earthquake, was just over 10 million inhabitants, according to the World Bank data base.

How many people live today?

Over 7 billion people. Although, this changes every day. Check out the website in the related links to look at the current estimated world population. (May or may not be accurate).

How many people live on Mars?

Mars is uninhabited. People do not live on Mars and no one has evertraveled to or set foot on Mars.

How many people live in island?

The number of people that live on islands depends on the island.Some islands are hugely populated (such as Australia). Otherislands have no human inhabitants at all.

How many people live in tokio?

The city of Tokyo has a population of 13,230,000 people. Thegreater metropolitan area of Tokyo has a total population ofbetween 34-36 million people.

Is Munchen in Prague?

Munchen (or Munich) is located in Germany, while Prague is located in the Czech Republic. So no, not quite the same place!

How many people live in Stowmarket?

The population of Stowmarket is currently about 17,000; however,this figure is set to increase due to the ongoing plans forextension.

Why do many people live in villages?

Cost of living in villages are cheaper, availability of water resources, fertile soil, rearing animals are easier, grass and farm lands are available, fresh air and green trees are available

How many people live in Taunton?

61400 people live in Taunton, UK (as of the 2001 sensus). In Taunton, MS do live 55976 people (as of the 2000 census).

Why do many people live in the Netherlands?

I think because it's a pretty stable and peacefull country, with freedom of speech and the right to believe what u want to believe, all people are equal.

How many people live in switzland?

According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, the estimated population of Switzerland was 7,866,500 in 2010

How many people live in braintree?

As of 2001, there were a little more than 42,000 people living in the town of Braintree, England. Braintree is located in Essex in the eastern part of England.

How many people have lived a tornado?

If you mean how many have survive then the answer is countless thousands. Tornadoes kill 60 people each year on average and injure over 1,500. Many more escape without injury.

How many people live in the panhandle?

The question is too vague for an answer. There are three "panhandles" in the USA: Florida, Texas and Oklahoma (Honorable mention: Idaho).

How many peoples live in Romania?

At 238,391 square kilometers (92,043 sq mi), Romania is the ninth largest country of the European Union by area, and has the seventh largest population of the European Union with 21.5 million people

How many people are living at earth?

More than 7 billion now but the population does go up everyday but you also have to keep in mind that a lot of people are born and die everyday.

How many people live in venus?

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Why do many people live in japan?

So many people live in Japan because they were born there moved there or they don't LIVE in Japan they are just paying a visit there maybe if they like Japan they will then move there my dad lived in Japan 5 years. In China the reason many mothers can't keep TWO children is because both 1. It's th ( Full Answer )

How many people live in Luuxembourg?

The 2011 estimated population for Luxembourg is 510,840 people. The 2001 census concluded that 439,539 people lived in Luxembourg.

How many people lived in harrapa?

The current population of Harappa is approximately 15,000. Between 2600 and 1900 BC the population was estimated to be 23,500 in an area the size of 250 acres.

How many people live in afica?

166,629,000. 15.57. 2.56. 4,266,000. 27. 161,299,700. 2012. World Gazetteer projection . 2. Ethiopia . 86,539,000. 8.09. 2.13. 1,843,000. 33. 84,320,987. July 1, 2012. Official estimate . 3. Egypt . 83,958,000. 7.85. 1.72. 1,444,000. 41. 81,849,000. April 20, 2012. Officia ( Full Answer )

How many people live Romania?

Approx. 17 000 000, but the exact number is not known - the last census from 2011 was a fiasco. Cca. 4 000 000 live in other countries or did not respond to the census.