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Population of Nigeria

Nigeria has a population of 151,319,500 people.

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Q: How many people live in Nigeria?
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How many people live in Nigeria per square kilometer?

184.2 people per square kilometer live in Nigeria.

How many white people live in nigeria?


How many people live in lagos nigeria?


Why do people live in nigeria?

People live in Nigeria for the same reasons they live in the other parts of the world. For most people they were born there and it is not a matter of choice but there are those who have moved to Nigeria for business and other activities.

Do people in Nigeria live in houses?


How many porportion people Nigeria have?

how many porportion nigeria have

How do people live in Nigeria?

An estimated population of Nigeria as of July 2008 is 138,283,240.

How many people speak Igbo in Nigeria?

About 18 million people in Southeastern Nigeria. Many people in Nigeria speak it, and the most well-known languages in Nigeria are Igbo and Yoruba.

Where do most people live in Nigeria?


Where do rich people in Nigeria live?

There are none.

Why do people migrate in Nigeria?

due to the circumstances they live in

Where do most of the people like to live in Nigeria?


Are their many mixed people in Nigeria?

yes there are many mixed people born in nigeria who are mostly a mix of nigerian/english.

What is the percentage of people who live in cities in Nigeria?

65 percent

What is the name of a country which only black people live on?


What kind of houses do people live in in Nigeria?

brick house

How many people in nigeria have hiv?

2,600,000 people

How many people does lagos nigeria?

how many people does Laggos Nigeris have?

Where do white people live in nigeria?

Yes a very small community

Do alligators live in Nigeria?

No - only crocodiles live in Nigeria, not alligators.

What percent of the world's population lives in Nigeria?

Roughly 115,215,000 people live in Nigeria. If you estimate the world population at 7,000,000,000, this amounts to 1.6%.

Where do followers of Christian mainly live in Nigeria?

they mainly live in the east or south of Nigeria

What are the contributions of Multinational Companies in Nigeria?

there have been many contributions to nigeria from the multinational companies. there have been jobs supplied to the people in nigeria is one of them.

How many poor people are there in Nigeria?

maybe thousands.

How many people can read and write in nigeria?

about 75%