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Q: How many people love Matt Smith?
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How many people have been offered the role of the new doctor?

One. Matt Smith and he accepted. He was their first choice.

How many series of doctor who is there with Matt Smith?

so far there is only one completed series with Matt smith, but they just did the first episode for his second one.

How many doctors were there in Doctor Who?

11, Matt smith is the 11th doctor

How many girls like Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber?

A lot of people including me I love them :)

What film did Matt Smith play?

many . first one murder in the cathedral

How did Matt Smith become the Doctor Who?

A common answer would be that he David Tennant regenerated and Matt Smith ( A.K.A The Doctor) took over. But he auditioned for the part. Many people claimed that he was not good enough for the role yet. But clearly proved them wrong ;p Grace Summers (13)

How many Doctor Who has there been?

david tennant is the 10th doctor .. matt smith will be the 11th11 doctors

How many people love makayla sommer?

It's not about how many people love you it's about how many people you love .

How many siblings does Matt Smith have?

He has at least one - a dancer called Laura Jayne Smith - he hasn't ever mentioned any other though

How many regenerations has the Doctor had?

At the moment, The Doctor has regenerated 10 times, and Matt Smith is the 11th Doctor

How many doctors has there been?

Matt Smith is the eleventh Doctor so therefore there have been 11 Doctors in cluding him.

Why are there so many people called Smith in Scottland?

Because most of the men who called Smith are successful men ,so many people called Smith are eager to succeed

How many people did Matt Dillon shoot and kill?


How many people did Matt Dillon bury on Gunsmoke?


How many people love justin beiber?

how many people love justin bibber

How many houses does Matt Smith have and where are they?

He has just the one like a normal person and lives in Northampton where he was born and grew up.

How many people get in a wreck?

i love you you love me

How many people did Matt dillon shoot on gunsmoke?

Matt dillion killed a total of 165 people; 158 men and 7 women.

How many people love Joe Jonas?

There are too many people that love him no one can count.

How many people are named meghan rhea smith?

== == == ==

How many people were in john smith's crew?


How many people are in jaden smith's family?


How many people lived in the Smith household?


How many people are named Matt?

There are approximately 60,557 people in the United States with the first name Matt. It is the 723rd most popular first name in the U.S.

How many Doctor Whos are there?

10 because David Tennant is the 10th Doctor Matt Smith became the 11th Doctor in 2010.