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I don't anyone of Ethiopian origin lives in the U.S. for extra credit.

I don't think anyone of Ethiopian origin lives in the U.S. for extra credit. They have better reasons.

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What is the ISBN of Extra Credit?

The ISBN of Extra Credit is 1416949291.

How do you say 'extra credit' in french?

credit extra

How many pages does Extra Credit have?

Extra Credit has 183 pages.

When was Extra Credit created?

Extra Credit was created on 2009-06-23.

What are some extra credit things you can do for an assignment?

You would have to ask your teacher about extra credit assignments.

How do you say extra credit in spanish?

crédito extra

I feel that your extra 15 percent discount to people who have your credit card is very unfair?

Answer my discussion regarding credit card, and I'll answer your reply

How many chapters are in the book 'Extra Credit'?

There are 21 chapters in the book Extra Credit by Andrew Clements

What are the release dates for Extra Credit - 2010?

Extra Credit - 2010 was released on: USA: 18 October 2010

What is Wiz Khalifa's song with Soulja Boy?

Extra Extra Credit

Could you give me a sentence with credit in it?

"Johnny did extra math problems last night so he could earn extra credit."

Should teachers have to give extra credit to students?

No, teachers should not have to give extra credit to students. However, extra credit is a mechanism by which an educator can further engage a student, improving their knowledge of the subject and rewarding them for doing so.

What credit card company gives extra credit after three months?

There are no companies that give extra credit after three months. First of all, credit cannot be associated with credit cards. Second of all, if one is referring to rewards, then most extra bonus rewards come from purchases within the first 3 months, not after.

How do you get extra credit?

Not all teachers will give extra credit assignments. You need to ask each teacher whether you can get credit for extra work, and if so, what should you do for extra credit. If you just want extra practice work, there will be questions and work in each chapter of your textbook - you can also go online or to the library and look up other textbooks on the same subject and work those problems. Many teachers will give extra credit for a good written report, especially if you include pictures or diagrams.

What is the origin of the idiom go the extra mile?

The origin of the idiom 'go the extra mile' is from the Bible. It comes from a parable of Jesus in the 5th chapter of the book of Matthew.

Are there any colleges in Michigan that offer extra credit for tutoring?

I could not find any evidence of colleges giving you extra credit for tutoring. You can make some extra money though.

How do you bring up a d to an a?

Do your work stay on task ask for extra credit if they don't give extra credit then do your best the first time.

What are some extra credit ideas for AP Statistics that will benefit the rest of the class?

There are some ways to get extra credit for AP Statistics that will benefit the rest of the class. You can do some essays and do extra classes.

Is Extra Credit ever worth doing?


What color beans did ancient Romans refuse to eat?

Are you in English and this is an extra credit question. because I have the same one. yeah. extra credit for english.

What actors and actresses appeared in Extra Credit - 2010?

The cast of Extra Credit - 2010 includes: Jessica Rice McQuiston Stoddard James Vineyard

How does extra credit help your grade in school?

It counts as extra points and will bring your grade up.

How much do ethiopian airlines charge for extra 25kg?

Excess luggage charges varies from route to route . You can check at the related link.

What are the benefits of the Toys R Us credit card?

If an individual has a credit card from Toys R Us then they will get extra benefits from shopping at the store. People will earn points for making purchases in the store.

What can your child do for extra homework?

You will need to ask each teacher - everyone has their own "extra credit" assignments.

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