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How many people own computers in the US?

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How many people in US own computers?

currently about 76 percent of people in the united states own a computer according to the opinion research corporation caravan poll about every 3 out 4 people.

How many people use computers in the US?


How many people in Australia use computers?

Lots of us

What do people over the age of 60 in the US search for on the internet?

statistics have shown that elderly people in the U.S dont own computers

How many people in the US own a computer today?

76% of people in the U.S own a computer

How many people own horses in the US?


How many people own hamsters in the US?


How many people in the US own a radio?

a lot

How many people in US own fish?

about 25%

How many people in the us own a pda?

80% of the population own a PDA

How are computers better than people?

Computers were made by people; I don't feel that they are better than us in any way. However, they are clearly better than people at many tasks.

How many computers are there is US?

I Heard the 75% of Americans have computers

What percent of US population own a computer or have access to a computer?

76% of Americans own computers

Which is smarter us or the computer?

Us people is smarter than the computers. Because WE are the people that put stuff on the computer and WE make the computers.. So WE are SMARTER than the COMPUTERS! SMART QUESTION...

How many families do not own computers in their house?

they say that over 3/4 of the us house holds have a computer at home

How many people own an exotic animal in the US?

over 13.5 million people own just reptiles

How many people out of 20 own a pet in the us?

about 89% of people own at least 1 pet in the usa

What has firearms done to us?

Being an object with no life of it's own, firearms themselves have done nothing to us. However, PEOPLE have done many things- good and bad- with firearms. Also cars, computers, and baseball bats.

How many people in the US own a Dell?

Over 2,000,000

How many people own dogs in the us?

no one knows

How many people in the US own a television?

bout 6

How many people own cats in the us?

70 million

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How many people in the US of America own pets?