How many people play the viola?


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There is a ratio of 1 viola player to every 40 violin players.


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The Alto clef or some people call it the viola clef

I am a violist. I think that the viola is special because it is the only instrument in the world that uses the alto clef. Not many people play the viola and in orchestras, violist are always needed.

No i can not play If I Die Young on the viola

Because the viola does, itself, have strings. The viola is played with a bow as is a violin. The viola is the slightly larger counterpart to the violin and, because comparatively few people are learning the viola now, there is an increasing demand for viola players. It is, for example, comparatively easy for viola players to get scholarships to many universities as compared with those who play other instruments because viola players are dwindling as a whole.

Viola Armstrong did not have a job, and many people called her "hobo".

If you are referring to the stringed instrument that is anatomically similar to a Viola, then you play it as a Viola

Viola plays melody a lot! Although it it more common to play harmony.

how to play amazing grace on a viola. provide a transcribed music sheet.

The Sailor Song, which has been played a few times in SpongeBob SquarePants, has many versions of sheet music for Viola. Google 'the sailor song viola music.'

Yes you can I play the viola and i have played that song a million and "1" times

The Viola can play higher. Pitches of String Instruments from highest to lowest are: Violin Viola Cello Double Bass

Yes he did. He played the viola, violin, organ and the harpischord.

u can go on youtube and look for the viola cover

As a viola player myself i have a little experience of this. i must say unfortunately we aren't the most likely people to hold the tune in an orchestra is the first violins then the viola

No he didn't. He played the violin not the viola!

You can't Oh Shut up the Viola can do anything iF YOU KNOW HOW TO PLAY YOU CAN DO ANYTHING

Any song can be played on the viola as long as you know the notes.

violin, viola, trumbone, saxophone and many more

The viola is capable of playing all genres very well.

The Viola does not have a treble cleft. but if you know the notes in a treble cleft write them down and just play the notes

i`d say the violin because it`s smaller than not taller than the viola and the viola is hard to play

The viola is actually the only orchestral instrument that can't play the music from Jaws. Sucks, dude. Maybe try the cello?

According to historians, nobody knows who the first player and maker of the viola is.

I play the viola. The viola is played just like the violin with the instrument resting on your shoulder.

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