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Q: How many people speak Esperanto in America?
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How many people speak Spanish in Latin America?

All of them, except in Brazil, where they speak Portuguese.

How many people in south America speak spanish?

As of 2011, the estimate is about 200 million people.

What do people in north America speak?

english,spanish and so many more.

How many people in North America do not speak English?

over 1 third

Why do people speak Spanish in Latin America?

Because many countries of Latin America are former colonies of Spain.

What language was developed from Esperanto?

No language was developed form Esperanto, but Ido is considered to be a modern revision of Esperanto.No languages have been developed from Esperanto, But Ido is considered to be an "update" of Esperanto.

How many people speak Russian in south America?

2 000 673 465

How many people in America speak a foreign language?

One in five speak a foreign language so 1/5 of the population.

How many people in north south America speak french?

1234563452 people I worked out so half of those people are french

Why do they not speak spanish in South America?

They do speak Spanish in many South American countries. However, in some countries Portuguese is the official language. Many people can also speak a secondary language.

Why was Esperanto such a failure in acquiring a linguistic base while languages such as Hebrew and Klingon have large bases?

Pretty useless to compare Klingon with Esperanto. Especially because Esperanto is designed to be an international language, whereas Klingon is not. Probably less than 10 percent of all educated people have even heard of Esperanto so do not know that, for example, the Esperanto Wikipedia has about 150,000 articles, (which get about 400,000 views per day). By contrast the total number of articles about Klingon in Wikipedia total only 189, and nothing has been added since 2006. The World Esperanto Association enjoys consultative relations with the United Nations. Does Klingon ? A pity also that it is not generally known that you may find Esperanto speakers in more than 130 countries. Or that more people in Burundi per head of the population speak Esperanto than in any other country. Thirty schools in Burundi teach Esperanto ; how many teach Klingon?

How many spanish speaking people are the in the US today?

35.5 million people that speak spanish in the United States of America

How many people can speak Chinese in America?

Probably not many, French & Spanish are easier to learn, and are smoother to the American ear.

How many people speak spanish in US of America?

About 35.5 million Americans speak Spanish, but only 12,000,000 Americans are native speakers of the Spanish language.

How many people speak different?

All people speak differently.

How many people speak english in south america?

CORRECTED: So Am is a country of many languages... mostly spanish. There are no native english speaking countries in SA, though many individuals speak english, of course.

Do they speak English in Ukraine?

Not many people in Ukraine speak English. Ukrainian is the official language and many people speak Russian.

Why do so many people in america speak spanish?

Because of the proximity of the U.S. to Spanish speaking countries, and the resulting immigration.

Why people from benin speak french?

in Benin how many people Speak French

How many people speak spanish in the whole world?

how many people speak spanish around the world??????

Which country speak spanish in latin America?

The following countries in South America speak Spanish: Argentina Bolivia Chile Colombia Ecuador Paraguay Peru Uruguay Venezuela Non-Spanish speaking countries of South America: In Brazil, they speak Portuguese Falkland Islands (Las Islas Malvinas), they speak English (about 10% speak Spanish) French Guiana, they speak French Guyana, they speak English and Creole Suriname, they speak Dutch Trinidad and Tobago, which many people classify as South America because it is right on the coast of Venezuela, they speak English, and some speak Creole.

Why people should speak English?

People should speak English because America is such a big and successful country that the language is spreading all across the world. And if you live in a place with many tourists from America, you should learn and know English. It might be hard to learn but it will be worth it.

How many people in Iraq speak Arabic?

About 75% of the people of Iraq speak Arabic. 15% speak Kurdish.

What are the Esperanto words for many and few?

The words are multaj and malmultaj.

How many people speak Japanese worldwide?

130 million people speak Japanese