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Most of the people sent to the Auschwitz complex of camps did not leave alive. In 1989 the Director of the Auschwitz Museum published a set of deliberately cautious estimates based on the evidence available.
His estimates were as follows for the Auschwitz complex of camps:

  • Gassed soon after arrival: at least 900,000.
  • Worked to death/died of disease at Auschwitz: at least 200,000.
  • Left the Auschwitz complex alive: about 190,000.

Of the last figure, nearly all were moved to other camps, and 'left the Auschwitz complex alive' does not necessarily mean 'survived the Holocaust'. (Consider, for example, Anne and Margot Frank, who were sent from Auschwitz to Bergen-Belsen, where they both perished).
Many were taken away on forced marches in December 1944/January 1945.
Note that many scholars have argued that these figures are unduly low.
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Q: How many people survived Auschwitz concentration camp?
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