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Tons! :)

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How many percent of people have pets?

What do you mean? people are pets..... of aliens

How many people are happy with pets than without pets?

Out of all the people who has pets, 70% of the people love living with pets and 30% don't.

How many people make friends with pets?

lots of people have "friends" that are pets

What is a good graph title about if people have pets?

How many people have pets in whoever you're asking.

Do people keep cheetahs for pets?

In Africa people actually own Cheetah farms and many people have them as exotic pets.

How close is the chinchilla to extinction?

not close at all. many people have one, and they are inreasingly popular pets. This is somewhat incorrect. Yes, many people have them as pets, however, in the wild they are critically endangered and near extinction (last assessed by the IUCN in 2008. When we talk about extinction we do distinguish between in the wild and in captivity.

How many people travel with pets?

27% of the worlds population travel with pets.

Are guinea pigs dangerous to people?

No they are not. Many people have them as pets.

How many people neglect their pets?

The hard truth....... many

How many people have dogs as pets?

as many as they need and as many as they want!

How many sims can you have on The Sims three pets?

You can have a total of 10 active people and pets. You can reach 10 in several ways such as having 4 people and 6 pets, or 8 people and 2 pets. However, you cannot have more than 8 people or 6 pets without a mod.

How many pets are you allowed in Ontario Canada?

The law in Ontario protects pets from abuse, so as long as you take good care of them, you can have as many pets as you like. The main problem with people who have too many pets is that the pets often are not well cared for.

Should people go to jail for abandoning their pets?

yes they should go to jail for abandoning their pets because many uncaring people leave their pets anywhere.

How many people have hamsters in the world?

about 2% of people have hamsters as pets

Did people eat their pets in the great depression?

Yes they did, many raised pets just for food.

Is mouse a pet?

Many people, especially children, keep mice as pets.

How can you find yourself a best friend not pets?

By going out to active places and talk with people. go talk with anyone and find out what your hobbies are and go to places that will need you

How many people int the US own pets?

Over millions of people have pets in ze United States of ze America.

What is the website FooPets.com?

foopets.com/ is a place where people 13 or older can adopt their own pets and talk to other people about their pets and questions not related to foopets . It is also a place where you can play with your foopets and foopets are in 3D so They're like real pets . It tells you the rules when you get there .

Do people have panda's as pets?

I bet there are people who have TRAINED pandas as pets. Idon't think there will be many or any in the USA. I bet people in Japan do! Hope this helps! :^)

Have Dingo's been domesticated can they be kept as a pet?

there are many people who have dingos as pets but not that many the native tribes belive they are gods and the dingos live with them but it is not smart to keep them as pets just in case there are many people who have dingos as pets but not that many the native tribes belive they are gods and the dingos live with them but it is not smart to keep them as pets just in case

How many people bye pets to abuse them?

About 1 out of 50 I think. Anyway, I think it's so cruel that people abuse pets.

How many people around the world don't take care of their pets?

I believe about 45% of all people don't like pets at all.

Did people have pets in ancient Egypt?

Yes. They had cats and dogs. The main people who would probably have many pets would be the pharoe's wife.

Why do people want pets?

People usually have pets when they want to have someone besides people around to talk to. Talking to your pet is actually a good way to express your feelings since they don't know what you are saying. It is also good to get a fluffy pet to hug :)

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