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7 people tried to kill her but they all failed :D


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7 people tried to kill her but none of them succeeded

Someone said twice. I dont know for definite.

Queen Mary, but she could not. She thought Elizabeth wanted to kill her, but when they told her to sign the contract to kill Elizabeth, she said no.

She pushed the bust of Queen Victoria on him.

she didn't kill anyone.

Well, there was one official queen, but others felt astrospysed by the rest of the people who voted her as queen so they tried to kill her so they could try to be voted queen. Sometimes they even dressed as her and people thought that they were the queen!

because he was out of money and could not bribe anyone

Yes, she killed Jack the Ripper ( A killer) , and her cousin/husbund King Albert (I don't agree - see discussion, babsiep)

Most people tried to kill him as an act of revenge.

She didn't kill Bella so she tried in eclipse and thenEdward ripped her to shreds.

because Victoria wants to kill Bella. Since Edward killed the love of her life(James), Victoria wants to kill Bella(Edward's love of his life) it is foreshadowing for the next movie (New Moon) and books. Sorry if I spoiled some stuff for people. Tried to explain it w/o giving too much away =)

Mary Queen of Scots killed over 100,000 people

she hit him over the head with the queen Victoria statue that sits on the bar , well used to

Because they were Nazis who tried to kill us in the first place.

He killed all of the people that tried to kill him.

Bloody Mary as she was known was a devout catholic, so she would kill anyone who did not agree with her beliefs, she would burn or behead anyone who opposed her views, especially the protestants who tried to oppose her.

She didn't kill anyone. She just tried to survive.

At least twice but from a guy who shoved his gun full of gun powder rather than bullets

she killed 355 people by tourturing them

Bees kill their queen because their queen might be to old or the queen might have a diesease

people tried to eat it but it was stone so they choked on it and died

The Queen Victoria Bust however Bradley thought he had killed Archie with 2 punches.

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