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There are over 405 million people who have a skype account.

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Q: How many people use Skype?
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Can you Skype people through the Nintendo DS?

No, you cannot use Skype on the Nintendo DS

Can you use Skype on the Nintendo Wii?

no, you cannot use skype on the wii

How can one use Skype for Linux?

Skype is easy to use for people that prefer to utilize Linux operating systems. All a person has to do is follow the instructions included on Skype's website that detail the entire process from download to troubleshooting.

Can you skype on a tablet?

You can use Skype on most tablets through the Skype app.

How much to purchase Skype on a psp?

i believe Skype is free to use and download on PSP-2000 and 3000 Series and even the PSP Go. However the "fat" PSP as some people call them, i don't think they have Skype compatibility.You can also buy Skype Credit to use to call home phones or Mobile phones, but this is Optional. Skype to Skype Calls are free :)

What is Chan Chan's username on skype?

He does not use Skype!

What is Jackie Chan's username on Skype?

He does not use Skype!

What is the purpose of the Skype software program?

The purpose of the Skype program is to contact people wither it is through typing or voice chat. The Skype program has so many ways of contacting people first you had someone and right off the bat you can call them or type to them. Skype connects thousands of people everyday.

Do you need wifi to Skype on your phone?

You can use Wifi or 3G to use Skype on your Phone!

What are social websites for teenagers?

There are many social websites for teenagers. The most common of which is Facebook. Some people use Myspace and Skype as well.

How many people get on SKype every day?

again just your mom!

Is Skype safe to use and download?

Skype is well established and used by millions of people around the world. It is perfectly safe to download and use from their official site. (See links below)

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