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Right this very moment? Approximately 1,474,822,045. Give or take a few hundred million. approximatley 2,035,452,348

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Q: How many people use the Internet in a given day?
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How many people go on the internet a day?


How many people join the internet every day in Pakistan?

How many people join the internet every day in Pakistan?Read more:How_many_people_join_the_internet_every_day_in_Pakistan

How many people a day use the internet?

Billions of people use the internet each day. Since the internet is available in every country and almost every device, people are connected everywhere all the time.

How many people join the internet every day?

According to the world internet there are around 1,407,724,920 people that use the internet (information taken on March 30th).

How many people visit the internet each day?

1,966,514,816 people use internet daily in the whole world.that is 34.7% of the population.

How many people use the internet a day?

There are over five million people who use the internet everyday. Harry you are wrong, there are more people who dont use the Internet than do Atm

How many people are affected by internet fraud each day?

Millions of people around the world.

How many people search the internet for cars every day?

i think 222222,323,323

How many people are online every day in the US?

According to Internet World Stats which compiles data from the Census Bureau and Nielsen Ratings, about 220 million people in the US use the Internet. The Pew Research Center estimated in 2009 that around 55% of all Internet users use it daily. So, at any given moment, about 110 million people are online each day in the US.

How many people are homeless in Spokane?

Approximately 1,200 on any given day

At any given moment how many people are watching TV during the day?

There are around 350,000,000 people watching TV at any given moment. This is an estimate as people turn the TV off and on throughout the day.

How many people do sharks kill per day?

Given nearly 400 years of data about 3.96e-4 people per day.

How many pages does The Given Day have?

The Given Day has 704 pages.

How many hours a day do people waste on the Internet?

it depends on user..but 5 hours ..perfectly people waste their time..

How many people in Thailand own a computer?

Roughly 8,600,000 people use the Internet every day in Thailand. Finding out how many "People" in Thailand own a computer is information you would have to ask your local Internet provider(They should know).

Why do hotels forecast?

So they can estimate how many people to have working on any given day and how many supplies will be needed.

How many people are born on Valentine's Day?

There are, on average, 358,192 births on any given day. Therefore, there are approximately 358,192 births worldwide on Valentine's Day.

How many people use the internet?

The most up to date number is at least 165,745,689 people who access the web and 105,170,327 who surf the web a day.

How many adverts are people prone to on the internet per day?

People are prone to using 700 a day .. the popularity is exquisit because the radio active sounds which are producd becomes amazingnly unique.

How man people world wide use internet today?

more than 100,000,000 people a day use the Internet :O

How many internet ads do you see a day?


How many people are blocked every day on this site?

It all depends on how many people decide on any given day that abiding by the rules and the spirit of the site is not what they want to do. There is no definite number of people blocked. Some days more, some days less.

How many different Internet memes are there?

There can be infinite memes, as people make them up almost every day, so they are uncountable. Sorry.

What reason is given for so many people died in the tsunami in 2004 on Boxing Day?

because the got there selves no shelter

How many people arรฉ in the US?

380 million citizens, but the actual number of people in the US on any given day can be over 400 million.