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well considering Google gets over 2.5 billion searches a day, there must be at least 375 million people using google a day but in a year over 700 billion people use google and about 1 trillion searches in a year and a half

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Q: How many people use the search engine?
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How many people use the Bing search engine in a year?


When would you use a search engine?

When you need answers, information, websites, to locate people across world. You would use a search engine for so many reasons.

What is the most use search engine?

the most used search engine is google and many people have it as their opening page on their computer I think most use search engine includes Google,Bing,Yahoo,ask,excite etc

What is the least popular search engine?

Now days!! Google is more popular search engine..60-70% people use Google search engine...

Which search engine people use?

Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista these are the some examples of search engine. These search engines are very useful for people. I think most use search engine includes Google,Bing,Yahoo,ask,excite etc

Is Google a virus?

Its just a search engine, most people use it.

Is there a workforce job search engine?

There is a workforce job search engine. The local employment service for the area you live in provides this search engine for you to use for free. There are many jobs in many fields listed.

Is Google a good Search Engine?

Yes, is a very good search engine. Its the most popular search engine in the world.It's really personal opinion though. Some people prefer to use Yahoo or Ask Jeeves as their Search Engine.

Why would you use a search engine such as a google?

You have many options to use other search engine. It is a personal choice, but all of them work the same way, it a matter of sympathy.

How do people change their search engine?

Look them (all) up on your current search engine. Find the one(s) you like best. Bookmark it. (or them). Use it.

How many people around world use search engine every day?

there are around 1.2 billoion people who use google around the world. and majority of the people are from USA, Australia, UK.

What is MyAllSearch?

AllMySearch is a less common or less popular search engine that has a toolbar. You can set this as your homepage or main search engine. People have said it is not a good search engine to use because it is hard to remove it from your computer.

What do you use search engine for?

a search engine helps you find websites that are about the topic you are searching for

Why do people always ask questions when you can find an answer through a search engine?

Type your answer here... Well.......because they are stupid or they already checked a search engine and they couldnt find an answer and why are you asking a question if you could just use a search engine?

How many people use the search engine 'Google' everyday day?

Google logs 2 billion searches a day. So probably 300 million people use Google a day.

How use brain boost search engine?

Brain boost is an answer engine whereas Google is a Search engine and In order to make money, these companies must use marketing.It is an automated question-answering search engine.

Do many people use WikiAnswers to find answers to questions?

Yes. WikiAnswers is used by millions of people every month. However, they don't all come directly to WikiAnswers. Many people go to Google or another search engine, and their search leads them here.

Is there a search engine for research?

For research, you could use such search engines like Google? Yahoo? Cluster? and many other..

What are application of search engine?

The application of a search engine is quite simple. You use the search engine to find things that you need to find or look up.

How many people use the internet to search the information about education?

There are many people who use the internet to search information on education. Up to 95 percent of Americans do this for example.

How many people go on Google in one day?

Google is a great search engine that many people use. There are probably about 100 million people that use Google a day! In 2006, Google was used 400 million times per day.

What do you call the words you use to search a search engine?

Keywords :D

Which search engine did you use most?

the last answer talked about internet browsing software, not search engines. i use google the most, but some people prefer Yahoo! or Bing

Isn't WikiAnswers just for people who can't use a search engine?

No its for people too lazy to trawl through google.

When do you use the search button on a browser?

When you want to save time (by not having to go to the search engine's home page), switch quickly from search engine to search engine, or have your most recent search handy.