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How many people visit the Palace of Versailles in a day?


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3 million in a year

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They go one at a time, so it is about 20 people a day.

Each year, approximately three million people visit the Palace of Versailles. It was the royal residence of the French monarchs up until 1789. Its impressive gardens took about 40 years to complete.

The Palace of Versailles, which was first utilized by Louis XIV, has 700 rooms. The palace is capable of housing thousands of people at a time.

5,000,000,000,000 people visit the knossos palace each year

The Palace of Versailles has floor space totaling 16.55 acres!

The Palace of Versailles took 40 years to complete.

there about 357 mirrors in the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles

There is an estimated 50 thousand people who visit Buckingham Palace each year. Buckingham Palace is home to the Queen of England.

The Palace of Versailles is measured to be 87,728,720 square feet. This includes the grounds of the palace, which is considered huge.

more than 50,000 people visit the buckingham palace each each

There are over 2400 fountains at the Versailles Palace.

There are about 2400 waterworks (this includes the fountains) at Versailles.

There are millions of people that visit Luxembourg Palace each year. It is one of the busiest places for tourist.

The Palace of Versailles has a total floor area of 721,182 ft2

The gardens of Versailles is 800 hectares (977 acres).

Up to a maximum of 36 000 builders (over a year) were needed to build the Palace of Versailles at the time of Louis XIV.

More than 50,000 people every year

Three kings of France made a residence at the Palace of Versailles before the French Revolution. The kings were: Louis XIII, Louis IV, and Louis XV.

There are so many places to visit in France starting with the capital city, Paris. Other interesting places include Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris, Palace of Versailles and so many other sites.

The Palace of Versailles contains 700 rooms. It also has 2,153 windows and 67 staircases.

The Palace of Versailles was the home of the French royal family. It had nine separate kitchens. A famous replica was built near Orlando.

Most of the time, over 1,000 nobles and their 4,000 servants lived at Versailles

483 The 17 of them are in the 'Salle des Miroirs' (Room of the Mirrors)

The information on the Palace of Versailles doesn't give a number of individual gardens. The gardens cover 1,977 acres of land. There are 200,000 trees in the gardens, and each year around 210,000 flowers are planted.

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