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Approximatel 620,000 soldiers were killed during the American Civil War. There are no accurate figures of the number of civilians killed.

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"hgfdgdfd" were killed in the Civil War. It's estimated that another two million were wounded or injured in the war

300,000 civilians killed. 150,000 prisoners of war killed. And 50,000 people died in combat in the 4 year civil war.

One was that many,many, many soldiers and innocent people were killed during the war. Approximately 620,000 people were killed. :(

3,164,000 people fought in the civil war. 620,000 Americans were killed during the war and 412,200 Americans were wounded.

There were 500,000 casualties as a result of the Angola Civil War. The civil war in Angola lasted from 1975 until 2002.

250,000 people ( not including people missing captured kiddnapped or killed by sickness)

U.S. Civil War statistics: Number of Northerners killed in action = 142,000 + Number of Northerners killed, total = 365,000 +

U.S. Civil War statistics: Total Southerners killed in action = 72, 500. Total Southerners killed = 260,000.

There were 110,000 killed in civil war!!!! Im positive

The Civil War killed more people than any other war.

The were many people in the civil war.

The entire population of the World that wasn't killed about 100,000,000.

5 million people were injured and 1000 people died

War wounds, infection, and disease

There were many civilians killed during the Civil War. When Federal forces shelled Atlanta, many civilians were killed, just for one example.

Around 620,000. possibly more, were killed in the American Civil War.

It may be 1000 10000 and more in some wars there are many killed people.

It is estimated that the number of Americans who were killed during the Civil War were 620,000. Many more have died in other wars and conflicts.

to many about 111,111,119,000,000

30,000 sicknesses killed more people during the war than bullets, mortar, cannons.

At least 816,000 americans got killed

365,000 total dead. 140,414 killed in action

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