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Q: How many people went to war in World War 1?
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How many people went to World War 1 World War 2?

Alot of people use your history books!

How many people went to world war 1 and how many people cam back?

there were 2,255

How many people went to fight in World War 1?


How many people from anzac went to war?

there was about 1 and a half people went to war

How man soldiers went in World War 1 from UK?

209,85 people went into world war one from the uk

How many people went to the London underground in world war 2?

at least 177,000 people each event

How many people went to war?

200,000 went to war and 79,000 came back

What training did you have to do for World War 1?

There was a basic training for World War I, but unlike in modern wars, there was a draft and many people were forced to go. People learned as they went in many cases, and fought for the freedom of their country.

How many people went to war in world war 2?

50 million soldiers from all 57 countries involved in the conflict

How many people went to war in world war 2 and how many came back?

No one really knows how many soldiers fought and how many returned from World War 2. Historians believe between 50 and 70 million people died in the war and that includes the Jews who were slaughtered by the Nazis.

How many years did World War I go on for?

World War 1 went on for about 4 years.

When World War 2 people were captured what happend to them?

they went to prisoner-of-war camps.

How many soldiers went to war at the start of World War 2?


How many countries went to war in World War 1?

one your mom

How many Mexicans went to World War 2?


During World War I, about how many people were wounded?


How many gypsies went to World War 2?

Over 200 thousand because they wanted to show people what they were capable of.

How many Chinese troops went to Europe in world war 1?

150,000 went to Europe

What went on after World War 2?

Peace came after WW2, people went home, business made some money, thousands of soldiers, sailors and airmen could not find work. Many people moved or even emigrated to find work. The world was in a depression paying for the war.

Why did people go on holiday more after World War 2?

they went to china

The military out come of World War I was decided by what reasons?

where is world war 1 come from?how many years a go in world war 1?what is world war 1?how many people dead in world war 1?who is win in world war 1?how many people live in world war 1?when the world war 1 start?how many helicopter they use?when thwe world war fished?

How many New Zealanders went to World War 1?


How many years did world war 1 went on for?

1914 to 1918

How many Australia soldires went in World War 2?

About a million.

How many English soldiers went into world war 2?

All of them.