The Battle of Hastings
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How many people were in the battle of hastings?


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18,000 people were in The Battle of Hastings

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There were 15,900 soldiers involved in the battle of Hastings.

In the Battle of Hastings each side deployed about 7,000 men, for a total of about 14,000 men.

William had 2 horses in the battle of hastings#

The people who fought in the battle of Hastings were William of Normandy (William the conqueror) Harold of Wessex , (King of England)

It is estimated that 2,000 Normans were killed in the Battle of Hastings.

The exact number of people that died from each troop in the Battle of Hastings is unknown. It is estimated that 7,000 to 12,000 Normans died and 5,000 to 13,000 English died during the battle.

There is no specific number of the dead at the Battle of Hastings; it is unclear just how many troops were involved. Estimates of troop strengths vary between about 8,000 and nearly 40,000.

The Battle of Hastings lasted from 9am until 3pm (6 hours).

there were 270000000 men who fought in the battle of hastings for William of Normandy

The battle of Hastings was in 1066.

The battle of hastings occurred in 1066.

the clues in the name the battle was the battle of Hastings and it was fought in Hastings on Senlac Hill

The Normans were well prepared for the Battle of Hastings. They had skill, many supplies and luck on their side.

on the day of battle of hastings thaere was a BATTLE :/

heya the battle of the is google and type in battle of hastings

The month the Battle Of Hastings was in was October.

the battle of hastings was in 1066

The battle of Hastings actually took place 6 miles away from Hastings.

the battle of hastings took place about seven miles away from hastings.

The Battle of Hastings was held in Hastings, which is in the southern part of England.

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