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An estimated 170,000 to 360,000 persons of 22 nationalities (chiefly Jews, Russians, and Poles) died there.


The most recent estimate - by the research staff at the Majdanek Museum - is about 79,000. (Those very high figures above were issued by the Soviet Union shortly after the war and are unsupported by solid evidence). Please see the link.

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How were people killed in the Majdanek concentration camp?

they were killed by the barbered wires when they were trying to escape.

How many prisoners were sent to Majdanek?

About 1.5 Million people were sent to Majdanek.

How many people were at Majdanek?


How many Jews were killed in Majdanek?

There have been no end of problems with the figures for Majdanek, and they have been frequently and drastically revised - downwards in every case. Research done by the museum at Majdanek states that about 78,000 people were killed there, of whom 59,000 were Jews. However, these figures are not necessarily definitive. The long-standing view that Majdanek was one of the major extermination camps has also been revised. It seems that first and foremost it was an extremely harsh concnetration camp, but that it was also used as a back-up killing centre when the others were working at full capacity. Please see the links.

How many people died in Majdanek concentration camp per year?

In it's time for 2 years 9 months and 3 weeks, 78,000 people were killed so 2 years, 9 months and 3 weeks = 161 weeks = 3.0876712328797997 78,000/3.0876712328797997=25,262 (Rounded to nearest whole Number) So average of 25,262 people died in Majdanek each year.

How many Jews were sent to Majdanek?

Approximately 1.73 Million Jews were deported to Majdanek. _________________ At most 120,000.

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How big was the Majdanek concentration camp?

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