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Q: How many people were killed by the Manson cult?
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How many were killed august 1969 by Charles Manson cult members?

Seven people were killed.

How many people Charles Manson killed that was relatives?


How many people were in The Manson Family?

Hi! im researching the Manson Family Cult aswell, according to my findings i have found there are 9 members involved in the cult, including Charles Manson himself the leader! There were also the pet dogs which were treated at a higher rank to that of the members of the cult, Charles Manson believed that the dogs are better than people and should eat before humans. In which, the dogs would eat first and the members would eat the left overs. i have much more information. if needed ask! Monique! :)

How many people has Charles Manson killed?

The famed Charles Manson you are referring to actually never killed anyone. He manipulated 9 people into killing FOR him. According to the guards in his prison he has been nothing but peaceful in his 40 years of imprisoment.

Was Charlie Manson a leader?

He was. Manson learned how to manipulate people and he was very good at it. He used many of the same techniques on the young people that made up 'the family' as other cult leaders use to get control of their followers. Leadership is can be a great personality trait as long as the leader is benevolent. Manson was a dangerous control freak that brought destruction to almost every life he touched.

How many people did Manson kill?

Manson didn't kill any people. The Manson family did, he told them what to do and they did it. But Charles Manson didn't actually physically kill anyone.

What are the other names of the people in Charles Manson's family?

Below is a link to a list of Manson's family members. It should be noted however that many of the young people that may have had contact with Manson and his regular group would just drift in and out due to the transient ways of the people of that era.

How many people like Marilyn Manson?

People who like industrial music or him.

How many piranhas killed by people?

are you trying to ask how many piranhas killed people, or how many people have killed piranhas.

How many people did charle Manson kill?

Charle's Manson killed Pregnant Sharon Tate, Coffee Heiress Abigail Folger, Abigail Folger's Lover And a couple other people i know that when they got to the scene of the crime there was a guy in a car stabbed to death they just recently released a picture of him in prison and for all who don't know Sharon Tate was a actress....

How did Charles Manson brainwash people?

He used classic methods of mind control such as isolation of the subject, intimidation or fear combined with drugs of many different kinds. I have always felt that the young people that killed for him were in a way, victims themselves. That doesn't mean they are any less guilty of their acts. It is interesting to note that the only person that refused to kill on Manson's orders was Linda Kasabian, the prosecution's star witness. She was relatively new to the 'Family' and had less exposure to Manson's mind rape.

How many killed people in the twin towers?

2996 people were killed btw its how many people were killed lol

Is Marilyn Manson anti Christ?

He is an atheist not a satanist as many people think.

What two-word term does The Cynic's Dictionary call A movie seen about 50 times by about that many people?

"Cult film" Cult Film

How many people has chopper reid killed?

He killed 19 people

Where did Charles Manson kill the victims?

The August 1969 Tate-La Biana murders occured in Bel Air and Los Feliz, both Los Angeles neighborhoods for the wealthy. These victims were not actually killed by Manson himself, but by his brainwashed 'family' members. Manson also ordered the killing of music teacher Gary Hinman. With the case of John 'Shorty' Shea, it is still unclear who it was that actually killed him. It is believed that there are many more victims of Manson and his gang of miscreants and there have been recent searches in the hope that other bodies will be found. It is useless to ask Manson himself since he rarely ever makes sense.

Why does the monk think God was angry?

because the plaque killed so many people

How many murders Charles Manson?

He was convicted of seven murders but he claims to have killed many more. Police are still trying to find victim's bodies in the Los Angeles area.

What effect did Charles Manson have on America?

He had everybody paranoid. And many people wanted to kill him.

Did Manson kill anyone personally?

Although Manson was convicted for the Tate-La Bianca murders, which he was not present for, there are many other murders and missing persons that suddenly disappeared after crossing paths with Manson. He most likely killed Shorty Shea, an actor/stunt man that spent time at Spahn's Movie Ranch. His body was never recovered.

Where are the Manson family children and where are they now?

The children of Manson's defunk 'family' are spread far and wide. After Manson's arrest in late 1969 the family had lost it's driving force and the cohesion of Manson's personality, which consisted of brainwashing techniques, fear and drugs. In the publicity blitz that followed the arrest and trial of the killers, many of the children living in the desert as the youngest family members were removed from their parents (mostly the young women that were not arrested) and relocated to foster care or biological family of the cult members. I suspect most have not been told of their earliest days in Manson's den of iniquity. If they have they have kept it to themselves. With the exception of the son of Mary Brunner and Mason, little is known about their lives after Manson.

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