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1,177 people were killed when the USS Arizone was sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Q: How many people were on the USS Arizona when it sunk?
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How many losses were in the USS Arizona?

1,177 crew lost on dec 7, 1941...uss Arizona sunk at pearl harbor

What battleships were sunk at pearl harbor?

The USS Arizona, USS California, USS Oklahoma, and USS West Virginia were sunk. More than

Why was the USS Arizona memorial built?

The USS Arizona memorial was built in honor of the USS Arizona that was sunk at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

How many American Batteships were sunk?

Battleships permanently sunk: 1. USS Arizona (Sunk by IJN) 2. USS Utah (Sunk by IJN) 3. USS Oklahoma (sunk while being towed to CA) 4. USS Nevada (target) 5. USS New York (target) 6. USS Pennsylvania (target) 7. USS Arkansas (target)

What were the names of the ships that sunk at pearl harbor?

USS Oklahoma USS Arizona

What bomb sunk the USS Arizona?

one of the Japanese bombers sunk the battleship in pearl hardor

Where was the USS Arizona sunk at?

It was sunk at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941 by the Japanese.

How many people survived the uss Arizona?

223 survived the sinking of the USS Arizona

What does the USS Arizona memorial commemorate?

The USS Arizona Memorial commemorates the men who died on the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. It is built over the remains of the USS Arizona. The Arizona was one of the ships sunk in the attack, and the remains of many sailors are still aboard.

What was the biggest ship that got sunk in pearl harbor?

USS Arizona

Why is the uss Arizona floating?

ITS NOT! The USS Arizona sunk on December 7 1941. The way you think its floating is its a totally different battleship. the ship that is floating is the USS Missouri.

How old was the USS Arizona?

The USS Arizona (BB-39), was sunk at Pearl harbor 26 years after its launch on June 19, 1915.

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