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None of them that's how we can tell a trannie from a women. So have you been tricked?

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Q: How many percent girls have Adams apple?
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How many girls did Abigail Adams have?

she had 3 girls.

What does it mean when a girls Adam's apple sticks out?

When a girls Adam's apple is larger than many other girls, her voice will be deeper but it is really is normal that some will have one a little bigger than some others.

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There is no way to know what percent of girls finger themselves. Many girls would consider that private and an accurate poll is not very likely to happen.

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7 boys

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About 90% of girls in one complete state.

In one class 46 percent of students are girls and 58 percent are boys how many girls and how many boys in the class?

It is not opssible to give a sensible answer to this question. 46+58 = 104. So if the class has 46% girls and 58% boys then the class has 4% who are simultaneously girls and boys.

How many students wear glasses in a class of 20 students where 40 percent are boys and 25 percent of the boys and 50 percent of the girls wear glasses?

There are 8 boys and 12 girls and 8 students with glasses.

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There are many different apple juice mixtures. There are 100 percent juice mixes. There are juices from concentrate mixed with water. There are mixtures of apple juice and grape juice.

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Based on me asking many girls in my time. I would say its around 30 percent. But 40 percent of girls don't realize that that have a foot fetish e.i. guy sucking her toes or rubbing her feet because they have not had the pleasure of exposure to this experience. Kinda the same way that 70 percent of women have not had a real orgasm but think that they might have.

Why are boy's Adam's apples more prominent than girls?

A prominent laryngeal prominence (Adams apple) is usually considered a male secondary sex characteristic However there is no scientific basis for this theory. because only some males have large laryngeal prominence and there are many women who also have them. ----

A school party of 50 is at the Tower of London. 52 percent are girls.10 percent are adults. How many are boys?


In a survey 365 girls and 345 boys were asked What is your favorite sport If 7.4 percent of the girls and 10.1 percent of the boys chose biking how many more boys than girls chose this activity?

There were about 34 boys, and about 27 girls, so about 7 more boys than girls choose this activity.

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not many

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probly about 50 percent of girls.

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twenty five percent

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No go slim down.

What food did Abigail Adams eat?

Abigail Adams ate many of the same foods that are still popular today. Indian pudding, codfish cakes and apple pan dowdy were some recipes prepared for her and her husband when she was First Lady.

At Adams apple orchard 387 apples must be placed in baskets that hold 12 apples how many baskets will be needed to complete the task?


How many boys and girls did John Adams have?

Assuming that the John Adams in question is the second United States president, then Mr. Adams had five children. Adams had three sons, John Quincy, Charles and Thomas, and two daughters, Abigail and Susanna. Elizabeth, the unknown third daughter and sixth child, was stillborn.

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