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Q: How many percent of cake flour and bread flour to become pastry flour?
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Explain how bread flour wolud make a tougher pastry?

Bread flour has a higher percentage of gluten than all-purpose flour or pastry flour. Gluten is a protein molecule that forms a sort of network in dough that is desirable to make bread chewy. But pastry is suppose to be tender or flaky, not chewy or tough. So bread flour is not a good choice for making pastry.

Is pastry flour like cake flour or bread flour?

Pastry flour is most like cake flour. Both have lower amounts of gluten in them as opposed to bread flour (also known as strong flour) because it has a higher amount of gluten.

Can you use cake and pastry flour in the bread machine?

Yes you can but the result will be a rather flat loaf as pastry and cake flour do not contain as much gluten as bread flour. Gluten which is developed by kneading the bread dough is essential to a well structured bread.

What kind of flour mixture is pastry dough?

a 4 to 1 ratio of bread flour and cake flour

If a bread recipe calls for pastry flour can you use cake flour?

Generally speaking, yes.

Can you substitute pastry flour for all purpose flour?

Yes, in most recipes they will both work. The only time you might see problems is in baking bread. Pastry or cake flour has less gluten and using it in bread may not give you the same texture.

What is pastry or dough made of?

Recipes will vary depending on the type of pastry or bread your making but the are the basic ingredients, Short crust pastry is Flour, Fat a little salt and water. Bread dough is Flour, Fat, Yeast, a little sugar (to activate the yeast) salt and water.

What is soft flour used for?

In Britain cake and pastry flour is soft flour ( least amount of gluten) All purpose flour is plain flour. Bread flour is hard flour (most gluten).

Can pastry flour replace bread flour?

If you are making a yeasted bread, you want a high-gluten flour, made from red winter wheat. (unless you are at a specialty food store, this information is probably not on the package). This is bread flour. The gluten, when it is kneaded, stretches and traps the carbon dioxide given off by the yeast, which is what causes the bread to rise.Pastry flour is a low-gluten white wheat, and will not form those stretchy bonds that trap the gases given off by the yeast, and will not rise properly.

What is the difference between whole wheat flour and pastry flour?

Whole wheat flour contains the entire grain including the bran and "germ" of the wheat berry (grain.) Pastry flour is more highly refined, with the bran and germ removed. Pastry flour also is made from strains of wheat with lower gluten (protein) than all-purpose or bread flour, in order to produce tender pastries.

Is wheat flour the same thing as all purpose flour?

Wheat flour can be any flour made from wheat, which would include all-purpose flour as well as bread flour, pastry flour, whole wheat flour and self-rising flour.

What are bread and pastry?

Culinary products made out of flour. In the case of bread the other ingredients are yeast and water (with a little salt and oil). In the case of pastry the other ingredients are fat (and a little salt and water).

What is the difference between regular flour and pastry flour?

pastry flour is lighter than regular flour

Can you use pastry flour for cake flour?

yes pastry flour can be baked with cake flour its all flour isn't .

What are some recipes that don't invole using eggs or self rising flour?

Shortbread, shortcrust pastry, flaky pastry, puff pastry, phyllo pastry, strudel pastry, some biscuit recipes (but you'll probably require baking soda), bread and bread-based items (e.g pizza), scones (but you'll need baking powder).

How do you convert plain flour into all-purpose?

In most cases plain flour is identical to all-purpose flour. All-purpose flour may be used to bake bread or pastries, whereas pastry flour has a low percentage of gluten and bread flour has a high percentage of gluten. Plain, or all-purpose flour has a medium percentage of gluten.

Which flour is used for making pastry?

Pastry flour is a relatively low-protein flour that is often called for in making biscuits, cookies, pie crusts, and pastries. The protein content of any given type of flour determines how tender, strong, elastic, stretchy, pliable, etc., the dough is that you make with it, and also the texture of the finished bread, waffle, cookie, croissant, etc. Bread flour, for instance, weighs in between 12% an 13% protein, and helps produce wonderfully well-risen, chewy loaves of bread. Cake flour, at the low end of the spectrum, 5% to 8% protein, is much less elastic, and helps produce wonderfully tender cakes. Pastry flour is up only one notch, at 8% to 9% protein, and lets you create baked goods with a little more body and texture than cake flour, but still with the tenderness one associates with a well-made biscuit or pastry. It can be a challenge to find pastry flour. Even well-stocked supermarkets seldom carry more varieties than cake flour, all-purpose flour (9% to 12% protein), and bread flour. If you can't find pastry flour, you can mix you own by combining cake flour and all-purpose flour in a ratio somewhere between two parts cake flour to one part all-purpose and one part cake flour to one part all-purpose.

What chemical changes flour to bread?

Flour changes to bread due to yeast consuming the sugar and excreting CO2 andAlcohol The CO2 i what makes the bread rise and become bread

What is the difference between flour and self rising flour?

Self raising flour has had baking powder (bicarbonate of soda) added to it. Use it for cakes etc. It's no good for baking bread or pastry.

What is flour used for?

The main use of flour is baking bread, pastry and cakes, it can also be used to thicken sauces, stews and caseroles as well as in many other recipies.

How do you make 100 percent whole wheat bread?

Grind whole wheat kernels into flour. Use this flour in your bread recipe and you're set! 100 percent whole wheat means you use 100 percent of the wheat kernel.

Can you substitute whole wheat flour for pastry flour?

Yes but the pastry will not be quite the same.

Can you substitute white pastry flour for whole wheat pastry flour?

no. bad idea.

Why is it important for a baker to know the protein content of different types of flour. Give an example of when this knowledge would be needed.?

The protein or gluten content of flour is an important factor in the choice of which to use when baking. The lower the gluten the more the baked product will rise. Cake flour has the lowest gluten content from 6-8 percent and it not a good choice for cookies because they will not keep their shape well. For cookies pastry flour 8-10 percent or all purpose flour 10-12 percent are best for maintaining shape. For making raised breads, bread flour is the best choice because it has the highest protein content 12-15 percent. The gluten provides support for the bread as it rises due to carbon dioxide production by the yeasts as they use up the sugars that are present in the bread. Quick breads need all purpose or pastry flour to make a product that is not too dense and rises well due to the action of the conversion of the baking powder.

Why use hard fat for rubbing in?

To obtain a flaky pastry. The hard fat (butter or lard) does not melt into the flour but creates many layers of fat separated by flour. These layers become flakes when the pastry is baked.