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The period of rotation of Saturn is 1 Saturn day. Measured in comparision to Earth, Saturn rotates about once every 10 Earth hours, so you could say that Saturn rotates 2.4 times an Earth day.


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During each complete revolution around the sun, the earth makes 365.24 rotations on its axis.

1.002738 (rounded) for each calendar day

If each rock in the rings of Saturn counts as a satellite, then the number is uncomfortably large and uncountable.

At the equator, Saturn has a rotational period of 10 hours 14 minutes. At the poles, it has a rotational period of 10 hours 38 minutes 25 seconds.

The sidereal rotational period of Saturn (1 Saturn day) is 10 hours 45 minutes and 45 seconds which is about 0.4484375 Earth days.The orbital period of Saturn is 29.4571 Earth years or 10,759.22 Earth days (24,491.07 Saturn days).

13.369 rotations, and 12.368 cycles of phases.

A bicycle should not make any rotations! The number of rotations made by the wheels of a bicycle will depend on the wheel size.

The moon will have comepleted about four rotations around the Earth.

Approximately 1.49 rotations in one Earth day.

Its orbital period is 10,832.327 days long.

Saturn: Size (Earth=1) 9.45 Mass (Earth=1) 95 Rotation Period (days)(Earth=1) 0.44 Orbital Period (years) 29.46

Saturn has the largest rings in our solar system.

The answer will depend on 900 WHAT? The earth rotates 900 times in 900 days, for example, and around 328,725 rotations in 900 years.If its degrees then:-900/360 = 2.5 rotations

Answer #1:It takes just under 24 hours for the Earth to rotate once on its axis.So in a two-week period (14 days)it would be 14 complete rotations.================================Answer #2:It takes 23.9344696 hours (rounded) for the Earth to rotate on its axis.Two weeks means 14 days of 24 hours each. So in a period of two weeks,the earth makes 14.038331 complete rotations. None of this has anythingto do with the number of days in a year.To put it another way, the Earth completes 14 rotations about 55minutes 3secondsbefore the two weeks has ended. That's why two weeks from today, any starwill reach the same place in the sky about an hour earlier than it gets there tonight.

1 of Neptune's rotations (day on neptune) is about 16 hours.1 of Neptune's rotations (day on neptune) is about 16 hours.1 of Neptune's rotations (day on neptune) is about 16 hours.1 of Neptune's rotations (day on neptune) is about 16 hours.

A Saturnian day is 0.44 Earth days long and It year is 29.45 Earth years long. So Duing one orbital period Saturn has about 24,440 sunrises.

there are 1 and a half rotations in a single axle, 2 and a half in a double axle, 3 and a half in a triple axle, and so on.

On a clock the hour hand makes two full rotations. Which means it goes around the clock two times.

There are many. An isosceles triangle, for example.

Saturn is considered by many as a male

It takes 365.242 rotations (days) to make one revolution (year) around the Sun.

Titan has an orbital period of just under 16 Earth days.

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