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How many photos will a 1GB flash drive hold?


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A 1gb card should hold about 650 pictures.

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Flash drives come in many sizes. So do photos. A small flash drive may not hold even a single large photo, while a large flash drive may hold tens of thousands of small pictures. It all depends on the sizes of both.

The number of high resolution photos a flash drive can hold depends on two things:The size of a high resolution photo - these can vary depending on camera and settingThe size of the flash drive, which can range from 1 GB to 32 GB or more

A 16gb Flash Drive can hold about 4000 4mb songs.

How many movies a 64 gb flash drive can store depends on the length of the movies. If eacah movie is about 2 hours, then the flash drive can hold up to 21 movies.

It depends how big the photos are You can store 1000000 1mb photos on a 1tb hard drive

It depens on the flash drive, some are 1GB and some are 8GB. I hope this helped!

1 GB is relatively small for today's standards, although many 1 GB flash drives exist. It depends on the size of the photo, which in turn depends on the resolution and the encoding. GIF and JPEG formats are compressed formats. A good size to "share" with e-mail, web photos, and etc. is less than 100 KB, with resolutions between 500x500 and 1000x1000. Some newer cameras are able to produce photos in excess of 2MB. While the large photos are cumbersome for handling, they are better for cropping and editing, and produce better prints. So.... At 100K, a 1GB drive or flash card could hold about 10,000 photos. At 2MB, a 1GB drive or flash card could hold about 500 photos.

Around 8,000 average length songs will fit on a 32GB flash drive.

It depends on what the pages contain.

Depends on how long the movies are.

A 16GB flash drive can hold quite a few songs. The amount of songs will vary depending on the size of the song. Most MP3 songs are around 3 to 5 MB. That means the average 16GB flash drive will hold over 3,500 songs.

Approximately how many hard-copy pages of documents could be stored on the flash drive by an employee.

That depends on the photos. Several factors determine the size of a photo, including the type of file, size, composition and resolution.Photos typically run anywhere from 1 to 5 megabytes but can be much smaller and much larger.If your photos average 4 megabytes you could get about4000 pictures on a 16GB flash drive.I have 1022mb, and it holds 2706 pic. so 43296 for 16gb

You can put 1,000 word documents in a 2 GB flash drive because you can store 500 word documents in a 1 GB flash drive.

The amount of songs a 8 Gb USB flash drive can hold depends on the size of the songs. It will hold approximately 2300 average sized (3.5 Mb) songs.

Depends on the size of your flash drive. Generally a good quality full movie occupies 700MB to 2GB of space.

you can get a 16gb 32 gb or 64 gb flash drive

A 32 GB flash drive can hold about 2050 MP3 files. A 32 GB flash drive will hold around 64 MP4 files, depending on how long they are. USB flash drives are able to be written over if you want to delete the information.

Depends on how many GBs your flash drive is. Can't hurt to try though. The flash drive will tell you whether or not you have to space to hold the programs.

hard drive can store up as much as possible when you buy a flash drive see how many mgb bites it hold and you can place alot of thing in the flash drive

A 16GB flash drive can hold 4x as many files as a 4GB flash drive. I would recommend a 16GB.

Many websites offer custom USB flash drives. and are good websites offers custom made usb flash drives.

No, a 4MB flash drive will only hold about two average sized pictures. Documents vary in size a by huge amounts so it is hard to tell but it would probably not hold more than 20 documents. A 4GB flash drive(there is an enormous difference between megabyte and gigabyte) will hold about 2000 average sized pictures though.

Not all flash drives are the same. Some will hold as low as 512MB while a few will hold as much as 128000MB (128GB). The most common amount of capacity (now days) for a flash drive is 1000MB (1GB).

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