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How many photos will a 256mb memory device hold?


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It depends upon the quality of the photos - the higher the resolution the fewer the pictures. If each photo were 1 MB in size, the device would hold about 256 photos.

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It depends on the format of the images, but in JPEG, it's around 12 images.

It depends on the size of the photos

262144 photos for normal photos in a mobile phone..

That depends on the resolutions of the photos (Megapixels) of your camera. Assuming its 3.2mp, a photo should be around 1mb, hence you can store 256 photos.

The number of photos that can be held depends entirely upon what quality you wish to shoot the pictures at. A 5 megapixel camera, at maximum resolution, probably won't hold many photos. (25-30) As the resolution increases, the number of photos that can be held decreases exponentially. At a lower quality (say 640 by 480) you can hold between 1000 and 3000 photos on a 256 mb camera, depending upon the compression.

The nikon coolpix camera hold nine pictures without the memory card>

Because that is a very small memory card.

how many pictures does a 1Gb memory card hold how many pictures does a 1Gb memory card hold This is mainly depending on the size of the photos you are going to store. If its size is less than 250KB, you can store up to 3500 photos.

Depends on how many bytes it has

A memory of 32 gb can hold up to 8,000 songs or a total of 32,000 photos. This will vary depending on the exact size of the content in the memory.

The answer is depending a bit on the type of picture jpg vs raw. Assuming jpg a 4MP Camera typically generates jpeg pictures with a size of 1.5MB. So this would amount to roughly 170 picures

This depends on the memory size. A 128k sized memory can hold approximately 4000 records. By implication, a 64K device will hold 2000 records and a 256k device will hold 8000 records.

A 128mb memory car would hold about 70 4mp photos. But it depends how many mp (mega pixels) you camera has. Hope this helps you dtracer (i would be grateful for any points given)

A 32 megabyte memory card can usually hold around 25 photos. However, a 10 megapixel photo will take up more space than a 5 megapixel photo therefore, this size memory card will only be able to hold 6 or 7 pictures.

DMA->Direct Memory Access. I/O device can access the memory without the help of CPU. So that there is faster access by the device. I/O device signals microprocessor by HOLD signal.

The higher your megapixel , the more memory a picture would take up.With 12mp you would probbably hold 5-10 picturesI would recommend using a memory card with at least 1GBof memory.

A memory stick is a device that holds computer data. Memory sticks can hold 1, 2, or 4 gigabytes of data.

the iPod touch has 8Gigabytes internally in flash memory, and there is no more than the 8GB in the device. When you get a device, they say it has X amount of GB, but that ends up being a bit less, because in that space, the device must hold its operating system and other things. It would total to about 6.5 GB left on the device for apps, books, audiobooks, music, movies, photos, podcasts and such... :)

register is a memory device that is the part of computer memory that has a specific address and that is used to hold information of a specific kind

Blackberries don't accept memory stick pro duo. I would say somewhere are 1000-1500 pictures if the resolution is good.

A memory stick can hold any file. When you buy it, it will hold either 1) nothing at all or 2)software necessary to allow the memory device to communicate with your computer. There are many different kinds of 'memory sticks,' USB variety or otherwise, and they're used in a variety of electronic devices and computers. They will hold whatever kind of file you need them to hold for your electronic device or your computer. They function like a mini CD or hard drive.

The number of color pictures that can be stored on a 2GB memory card will vary depending on the megapixels and file size of the photo. It can vary between 1430 photos when the photos are 4 MP and have a file size of 1.2 MB to 260 photos when the photos are 22 MP and have a file size of 6.6 MB.

There are many different types of blank CD's, and each may hold a different amount of memory. Some CD's hold a ton of memory while some cheaper CD's don't hold that much memory.Blank CD's (not to be mixed up with blank DVD's) hold 750mb worth of memory. Which acounts to 273 digital photos and 80 mins of digital music.

If you want to take a lot of pics. or are a professional, a PC would be better because it can have the memory upgraded easier and it can hold more memory for pics.

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