How many pictures can you store with 1GB memory card at 10 megapixels?

Depend on the compression of the picture and also the quality settings: 1 Mpixel
16MB=32pics, 32MB=64pics, 64MB=128pics, 128MB=256pics, 256MB=512pics, 512MB=1024pics, 1GB=2048pics

2 Mpixel
16MB=16pics, 32MB=32pics, 64MB=64pics, 128MB=128pics, 256MB=256pics, 512MB=512pics, 1GB=1024pics

3 Mpixel
16MB=8pics, 32MB=16pics, 64MB=32pics, 128MB=64pics, 256MB=128pics, 512MB=256pics, 1GB=512pics

4 Mpixel
16MB=6pics, 32MB=12pics, 64MB=24pics, 128MB=48pics, 256MB=96pics, 512MB=192pics, 1GB=384pics

5 Mpixel
16MB=4pics, 32MB=8pics, 64MB=18pics, 128MB=36pics, 256MB=72pics, 512MB=144pics, 1GB=288pics

6 Mpixel
16MB=0pics, 32MB=4pics, 64MB=8pics, 128MB=16pics, 256MB=32pics, 512MB=64pics, 1GB=128pics