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How many pitches can a batter see in one at bat?

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  • Well, if he keeps hitting foul balls he could theoretically stay there forever. Doesn't usually happen though. Three strikes and he's out. Four balls and he walks. Theoretically, unlimited. If the batter keeps hitting 3rd strike foul balls, he could stay there indefinitely.
  • 11 pitches. Two outs in the inning, runner on base, 3-2 count, and runner gets caught stealing for the 3rd out. The same batter leads off the next with the same at bat receiving a 3-2 count for a total of 10 pitches, the 11th pitch is a hit, walk, or strike out.
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Well, if he keeps hitting foul balls he could theoretically stay there forever. Doesn't usually happen though. Three strikes and he's out. Four balls and he walks. Theoretically, unlimited. If the batter keeps hitting 3'rd strike foul balls, he could stay there indefinitely.

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Most pitches thrown to one batter?

Shortstop Rickey Gutierrez holds the record for most pitches seen in an at-bat. The amount of pitches was 20 total.

Is there a limit on how many foul balls a hitter can hit in one at bat?

Not as far as I know. In the 1960's I observed a Major League game where a batter fouled off 21 consecutive pitches.

In baseball with two outs and a man on first base who is caught stealing second how many pictches can the hitter get in one at bat not counting foul balls?

Normally a batter can get as many as six pitches (3 balls, 2 strikes, then the final pitch), not counting foul balls. In this case, if a runner is caught stealing with 2 out as the count fills to 3 and 2, the batter will return with a fresh count to begin the next inning. He can then get another 6 pitches, in addition to the 5 he had in the same at bat in the previous inning, for a total of 11 pitches. Great update, I wasn't considering his return at bat in the next inning with my 5 pitch answer.

How many strikes can a batter have in one at bat?

A batter can have only three strikes to be out, but he is allowed to hit as many fouls as he wants because you cannot strikeout on a foul.

Does base on ball mean the same in softball as baseball?

yes. a base on balls occurs when a batter receives but does not swing at four pitches outside of the strike zone in one at bat

If a batter swings lets go of the bat and someone catches in the audience it does that person get to keep it?

Either the fan will keep the bat or the batter or team will give the fan another bat for that one if it is one of the batter's favorites.

Who in recent history has hit the most foul balls in one up at bat?

At a High school softball game and the batter hit 21 foul balls in 26 pitches. She then walked.

Which one is the first batter of the team in softball?

Lead off batter or the first batter to start off the teams turn at bat.

What does pitches means?

In baseball, action starts when one player, called the pitcher, make a pitch, that is, throws the baseball towards the batter, who attempts to hit with his bat. "pitches" refers to the number of pitches made. Making pitches is tiring and the pitch count helps the manager or anyone else try to predict how long a pitcher can continue to be effective.

Can a batter change from one batters box to the other in the same at bat?

Yes. If the opposing manager changes pitchers in the middle of an at-bat, the batter is allowed to switch sides if necessary. Otherwise, the batter must remain on the same side he started on for that at-bat.

How many pitches have been thrown to any one batter before getting out or hitting the ball?

At least one pitch and in the other side the number could be unlimited. Remember that the maximum count is 3 balls and two strikes and after next pitch either is base and balls or strike out the batter. Problem is that after the second strike every other foul is not counted and this is the reason it could be an unlimited number of fouls. I have seen bat turns with sixteen pitches to make a batter, but could be more as it is explained.

What can a batter not do?

In the game of baseball the batter is the player who is at bat. There are many rules that the batter must follow. One of the most important rules is that the batter cannot leave his position in the batter's box once the pitcher comes to set position.

How many pitches in each inning?

There are no set number of pitches in each inning. The absolute shortest number of pitches that could be pitched in one inning is 6, with 3 outs per half-inning, assuming each batter swung at the first pitch resulting in an out. I don't know the most pitches that have been thrown in one inning. I have watched games where a pitcher (or multiple pitchers) have thrown forty or more pitches in one half-inning alone. Until 3 outs have been recorded, a pitcher will continue pitching to batters. If a batter steps into the batters box with an illegal bat, he is immediately called out. If three batters on each team did this, you could have zero pitches thrown in an inning.

What is the most pitches thrown to a batter in one inning?

in 1993 tanner regez threw 12 pitches to jimmy regez his brother.

Does the batter have to keep at least one foot int he batter's box throughout his time at bat?

No. The batter can step out between pitches and if he is not in the batters box the pitcher can not pitch. However he may not step out once the pitcher is in motion and if any part of him is out of the box when the ball is hit he will be called out.

What is the maximum number of pitches you can get at one at bat?

Infinate because of fouls.

What is the maximum number of pitches a batter can face in a single complete at-bat excluding foul balls?

A batter can have a full count of 2 and 3 and then get walked with ball nuber 4, so 6 pitches. However, consider the circumstance of a pitcher facing a batter with two outs and a runner on base. If the pitcher picks off a runner with the count full, the inning ends, and the same batter is up in the next inning with an empty count. Statistically, it is the same at bat, so the maximum number of pitches is in fact 11. 2 strikes and 3 balls in one inning, and either 3 strikes and 3 balls or 2 strikes and 4 balls to lead off the next inning.

What is the least number of pitches thrown to throw a complete game?

The least amount POSSIBLE can be 24 pitches, if each batter of the home team (who is winning, yes a complete game CAN be won by a home team with only 24 batters coming up to bat, the losing pitcher would have only faced 24 batters and each got out on one pitch) NEVER GONNA HAPPEN more realistically the right answer would be 27 pitches but each batter would have to get out on one pitch

In the MLB if a batter has a full count with one runner on base and the runner is caught stealing to make the last out what happens to batter?

The batter who was at bat when the out was made bats first the next inning... the out was made by the base runner the batter is not penalize for his out ...( the base runner could have made the out at any base and the batter will bat again )

What is the baseball rule when a batter is injured on a strike one foul ball and cannot continue his turn at bat?

A sub is put in for the injured player...the at bat is continued by the sub and begins his at bat with a one strike count......Anytime during an "AT BAT" the batter can be substituted for but the sub comes to bat with whatever the ball/strike count was of the player he replaced.

When you change pitchers during an at bat which pitcher is responsible for that batter?

The 2nd one.

Does an infield error in baseball count as an at bat?

It counts as an at bat in all cases except the sacrifice. If a batter attempts a sacrifice bunt and one of the infielders makes an error when fielding or throwing the ball, the batter is credited with a sacrifice and no time at bat.

What was the longest at bat in MLB history number pitches?

26 pitches to Roy Thomas he fouled off 22 pitches 3 were balls and then the one he put in play

In little league you have a batter in full count and change pitcher the new pitcher threw one strike and the batter is out who is responsible for that defensive out?

In any league, the last pitcher to pitch the ball is responsible for that batter. If he strikes him out, the credit goes to him, regardless of how many pitches he throws.

What pitcher made the fewest pitches in one inning?

There are many pitchers who have made the fewest pitches in one inning. Three. Each batter swung at the first pitch and it resulted in an out. It still happens today, although it's usually four to six.