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Q: How many planes have been shot down since WW2 to Present?
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What were the names of the planes that were shot down?

There have been thousands of planes which have been shot down. Most of them probably didn't have a name at all, besides their model name.

How many Japanese planes were shot down at Pearl?

29 of 360 planes were shot down.

Can planes get shot down easily?

If they are in the air so the answer is no, because if planes fly at high altitude and at high speed. It makes it alot difficult to get planes shot down.

How many Americans did the red baron shot down?

it is not fully known whos planes he shot down but in total he shot down 90 + planes.

How many planes were shot down in the BOMBING OF Darwin?

idk how many planes were shot down. im jot boered.

How were planes used in the war?

To shoot other planes down or to carry cargo.

Are inclined planes straight up and down?

no they are leaning which is why they are called inclined planes

How many American planes have been shot down in the Iraq war?

129 helicopters and 24 fixed-wing

How many American planes were destroyed at pearl harbor?

347 planes were shot down

How are planes different than helicopters?

Planes cannot land straight up and down

Is shooting down planes impossible?


What actors and actresses appeared in When Planes Go Down - 2002?

The cast of When Planes Go Down - 2002 includes: Jimmy Hodson as Narrator

Can missiles shoot down planes if having trouble detecting?

No. Missiles gotta be able to detect planes in the radar in order get a lock on because missiles need to get a lock on to shoot down planes but planes fly in really high altitudes, this makes it even more difficult to detect planes on radar.

Who shut down second most planes in World War 2?

The US shot down the most planes because they were shooting down planes in a two front war. The Brits would come in second place. The Germans and Japs I believe were about equal in the amount they shot down.

When did Nothing Toxic shut down?

Nothing Toxic has been shut down since 2011.

How can you prevent noise pollution caused by planes?

You can't unless you shut down all the planes.

How many German planes where shot down in the battle of Britain?

According to the British government 2,698 German planes were shot down. However we now know that only 1,100 were shot down.

What are all the planes in Miami shark?

Planes are from your enemies you have to jump and press z then you will destroy them down in the water

What are the release dates for Why Planes Go Down - 1996 TV?

Why Planes Go Down - 1996 TV was released on: USA: 22 April 1996

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What year was it when Amelia Earhart went down?

It has been 75 years since Amelia went down, so she went down in 1937.

Who shot down 26 planes?

Eddie Rickenbacker

When can a baby develop Down syndrome?

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How long has the nfl been on lock down?

Since March 12, 2011

Did one plane knock down the twin towers?

No, the planes did not knock the Twin Towers down. They collapsed minutes after the planes hit and some are still skeptical as to why the collapses happened.