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There is an astronomical number of planets in the universe. We are only now beginning to be able to "see" planets around other stars because of the vast distances that exist between us and them. How many there actually are is anyone's guess.

What we know about galaxies is that the ones we observe contain 200-400 billion stars each. Our solar system contains 8 planets. If we assume each star has 1 planet, and not more, and we average a galaxy to 300 billion stars we can deduce:

The Hubble Deep Field image contains 10,000 galaxies. At 2.5 arcminutes, that's roughly 1/2,000,000 of the visible universe in any direction. So if we multiply 3,000,000,000 x 10,000 x 2,000,000 we get 6 sextillion or 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets in the visible universe. It is likely much more than that.
Billions certainly, probably billions OF billions. In the last two years since the launch of the Kepler Space Telescope, our "known planet count" has gone from eight to "thousands", and more are discovered every month. It begins to appear that planets are as common as, well, "dirt".

We only _know_ of one universe, THIS one - although there seem to be theoretical reasons why there might be other universes, it seems unlikely that we will ever be able to directly detect them.

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How many are there in the universe?🤷🏿‍♀️

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Q: How many planets are there in the universe?
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How many planets are there in the whole universe?

700 quintillion planets There are over 700 quintillion planets in the universe โ€” but there's no place like home.

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We can never know how many planets there are in the entire universe.

How many dwarf planets are in the universe?


How many extrasolar planets are there in this this universe?

There are about 480 which have been discovered so far in the universe a handful of them are dwarf planets. Hope this helps!!!!

Are there countless planets in the universe?

Yes. There are countless planets in the universe.

When was Planets of the Universe created?

Planets of the Universe was created in 2001.

What are the objects in the universe?

There are many objects in the universe. These include, but are not limited to: stars, planets, dwarf planets, black holes, quasars, and cosmic radiation.

How many planets are there in the solar system and in the universe?

8 in the Solar System Unknown billions in the universe. There are 8 planets in our solar system and 5 objects identified as dwarf planets. There are at least 81 planets confirmed to be around nearby stars, and another 256 possible plants that are not yet confimred. There is no way of knowing how many planets there are in the universe.

Are there countless planets and moons in the universe?

Yes. There are countless planets and moons in the universe.

How many basic planets are there?

Currently there are 353 known extrasolar planets (that is to say, outside of our solar system), but it is unknown how many planets exist in the universe.

What are the planets in the galaxy?

There are billions of other planets hanging around in the universe. We're not the only 8 planets in the universe.

What are astronomical planets?

all planets in the universe

What is the Earth smaller than?

The sun,jupiter,uranis,saturn,neptune and many other planets and stars in the universe. The sun,jupiter,uranis,saturn,neptune and many other planets and stars in the universe.

How many earths is it in the universe?

The actual number of planets similar to the earth will likely never be known. The universe is simply too vast. However, it is likely that there are millions of similar planets.

How many dwarf planets are there in space?

There are currently 5 dwarf planets in our Solar System with many more candidates. In the whole universe..... trillions.

Which is bigger the world or the universe?

Universe,because the universe includes the world(or Earth)and many other galaxies,planets,stars and much much more.

What are the release dates for Universe - 1999 The Planets?

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What are the 8 planets in the universe?

Actually, they are the 8 major planets in the solar system. They are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Please note that there are many more minor planets in our solar system, and possibly billions of other planets in the universe. ^-^

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How many Earth-like planets are there in a fictionalized version of our Universe?

There are at least 10 billion trillion Earth-like planets (with 100 billion per galaxy) in a fictionalized version of our universe.

How could you combine the following two questions into one question Ex- Who KnowsDoes the universe have nine planets Is it - Who Knows if the universe has nine planets or?

Those are both poorly worded versions of the same question. The question should read:"Does the universe have nine planets?"And the answer is:"No. The Universe has trillions and trillions of planets, but our solar system has eight planets."

How many planets and moons are there in the Universe?

There are over 90 billion trillion planets (9 per star system) and 1.7 trillion trillion moons (170 per star system) in the observable universe.

How many planets are in the univers?

Nobody really knows the answer to that question. The universe is a vast place.

How many planet in the universe?

current planet count is:528 earthlike planets:0

Are there more planets or galaxies in your universe?

More planets. A typical galaxy probably has billions of planets.