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Pluto is not a planet so that would be Mercury is 13.72% smaller. Venus is 0.23% smaller. Mars is 9.42% smaller. So that means 3 planets are smaller than Earth.

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Q: How many planets in our solar system are smaller than Earth?
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How many planets are smaller than the earth?

There are three planets in our solar system that are smaller than Earth. These planets are Mars, Venus, and Mercury

Not counting Pluto how many planets in your solar system are smaller than the earth?

Venus, Mars and Mercury are smaller than the Earth.

How many neighboring planets does the Earth have in its Solar System?

There are 8 planets (including Earth) in the Solar system.

What are the type of planets in the solar system?

There are two types of planets in the solar system. These are, the smaller, rocky planets, which are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, and the gas giants, which are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Is your solar system smaller than your planets?

The Solar System is made up of the planets. It could not be smaller than the parts that make it up.

What is smaller a planet or a solar system?

A planet. The solar system is made up of planets.

Is a solar system smaller than a planet?

NO WAY! A solar system is a collection of planets!

What is the solar syatem?

the solar system is where the planets are such as Earth . the solar system is also in space

How many planets are there in the Earth?

There are eight planets but not in the Earth, they are part of the solar system, as the Earth is.

A planet that's in your solar system?

Earth is one of the planets in our solar system.

What are the new planets discovered in the solar system?

There are thought to be no more than the current eight planets in our solar system, but astronomers continue to discover smaller dwarf planets on the edge of the solar system.

What is earth and 8 other planets and thousands of smaller bodys that all revavle around the sun?

This is the solar system.

What are the four inner planets of the solar system?

The inner planets in our solar system are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.

What is the distance of the planets in the solar system from earth?

All of the planets are different distances from Earth.

How many planets in the solar system are terrestrial planets?


Which is closer to earth the stars or planets?

The planets of our solar system are closer.

How many planets have moon in solar system?

there are 5 planets in the solar system which have moon and the planets are earth, mars,jupiter,saturn,and uranus

In our Solar System, there are .....planets.?

The part of the Moon which receives......can be seen from the Earth.

How mamy planets are there in solar system?

earth atmosphere

Is earth bigger than the solar system?

The solar system is much larger than the earth. I mean most planets are bigger than earth, that are in the solar system

What planets are close to earth?

In the solar system, the planets that are on each side of the earth are Venus and Mars.

How big is the earth is it compared to other planets?

It is the biggest the rock-like planets but is smaller than any of the gas planets. This makes it the fifth largest planet in the solar system

Which planets in your solar system is it possible to colonize?

earth and only earth

What makes your solar system?

the planets, ateroids, smaller bodies, that dont qualify as planets. thats sad. and our sun. that is what makes up our solar system.

What is the solar system composed of?

The solar system is composed of the sun, the planets, their satellites, and many other smaller objects. :)