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How many playstations were sold in the first year of production?

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5,238,573 ta da

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How many PlayStations were sold by 2000?

100 million Playstation were sold in total

How many Wii consoles were sold in the first year of production?


How many Ipad 2 32gbs were sold in the first year of production?

Apple sold more than 15 million first-generation iPads within the first year of production. It is known that 300,000 iPads were sold on their first day of availability.

How many Model T cars were sold during the first 6 months of production?

there were 2673 sold

How many PlayStations are sold in the world?

100 million Playstations and also 150 million PS2, 50 million PS3, & PSP was 75 million more for a total of 375 million or 1 for every 20 people in the world

How many ford F150 were sold in 1975 first production year?

101,875 see link below

Is Karl Benz the person who sold the first car?

He is credited as having built (and sold) the first production automobile.

How much does PlayStation 1 cost?

Playstations are no longer produced and the only new models sold are sold as collectibles and vary with the condition of the box and the model. Used models are not sold for much

When was ''Lincoln car model'' first sold?

The Lincoln Car Model was first sold in 1981 and still is in production to this day.

When was Taylor swifts first record sold and how many did she sell?

The first record was sold in 2006 and idk how many she sold.

Which items are typically sold in the Sony shop?

Items that are typically sold in the Sony shop are laptops, tablets, phones, TVs, DSLRs, NEX Cameras, Playstations, portable electronics, and computers.

What year was the Corvette made in?

1953, the first production model was sold to the public in 1954

What year was it when General Motors sold its first production car?

General Motors (GM) was founded in 1908 as a holding company for Buick. The first Buick ever sold was a Model B in 1904. The first GM vehicle sold was a Buick.

How Many 1983 Corvettes Were Sold And Why?

0. They stopped production and resumed in 1984.

When was the first viper made?

The first prototype was in January 1989. Two pre-production models were used as the pace car for the Indi 500 in 1991. The first production model was sold January 1992.

How long has the GMC Terrain been in production?

The GMC Terrain was first produced and sold in the United States in 2010. In the Middle East, the GMC Terrain was first produced and sold in 2011. It continues to be sold and produced today.

How many sisters or brothers does Barbie have?

Over the whole production period, about 4 or 5 sisters and one brother. They include Skipper, Stacie (first sold as Tutti) & brother Todd (twins), Chelsea (first sold as Kelly/Shelly), and baby Krissy.

How many bottles of coke were sold the first year it was invented?

25 were sold in its first year

When was the first all electronic Color TV sold?

the first one shown to public was in 1939 but war stopped production in 1942.

When was the first Coca-Cola sold in Australia?

Production of Coca Cola in Australia commenced in 1937.

How many iPads were sold in America in the first month?

25 million ipads were sold in the first month

How many iphones were sold in the first year?

about 300 thousand were sold the first year (that alot lolz)

How many copies of beat again were sold in its first week?

106,000 copies were sold in the first week.

When was the first Maserati 4200 sold?

The first Maserati 4200 was sold in 2001. It was in production for the next 6 years until 2007. Sometime it is referred to as the Maserati Coupe instead of the 4200 model name.

When was the Nissan Cefiro first sold?

The first Nissan Cefiro was first sold in September 1988 to Japan markets as the A31 series. Production stopped for A31 in 1994. A32 began in 1994 and ended 1998. Infinito I30 and I35 began in 1999 and the Nissan Cefiro stopped all production in 2003/2004

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