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Free!:) It's considered a "power food". Enjoy!

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There are 70 weight watcher points in a green apple.

1 cup thai green curry = 7 points. Usual restaurant serving is 3-4 cups

That depends on the size or weight of the green pepper as well as what the pepper is stuffed with. For the carbs in peppers by size or weight, please see the Related Question further down this page. .

.47 lbs. Green bell peppers can vary in weight depending on the type of season, growing conditions, and the individual variation of each pepper.

green pepper looks like green pepper

Miriyaalu is pepper... miriyappodi is pepper powder green is aakupaccha green pepper is aakupaccha miryaalu

The amount of cups in one large green pepper will vary from pepper to pepper. Not every green pepper is the same size. One cup is equal to 8 ounces of green pepper.

A green pepper is not a pepper, but a fruiting vegetable with a soft flesh.

you can get almost one cup of green peppers from a medium chopped green pepper.

what is the avarage yeild of a green pepper

A "sweet green pepper" would be a bell pepper or a cherry pepper. "Slivered" would be slicing it thinly.

---- where do green pepper come from? please awser as fast as you can!

Yes goats can eat green pepper.

Yes a green pepper is a vegtable ask anybody.

It depends on the type of pepper and if you are talking about how many grams of carbs or the weight in grams. WikiAnswers has already answered the carb question for bell peppers. For the weight, my scales indicate 140 grams for a medium and "trimmed" (ready to chop) green bell pepper.So, a half of a medium and trimmed green bell pepper weighs 70 grams.Also, one bell pepper equals one cup of chopped bell pepper (how handy is that?).

Green pepper is the fruit of the pepper plant and as all fruits comes from the ovule of the flower.

green pepper is about 75%full of water.....................hope this helps

green pepper seeds are too immature to grow. The pepper must first mature and turn red, then when you use it just save the seeds inside

koshoh piiman [green pepper]

No , goats can eat green pepper but , it might give them a tummy ache

The part of the green bell pepper is the one with the stem on top.

Ripened green peppers can turn red, but true red peppers grow red (not green).

Click on the link to see what a green pepper plant looks like.

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