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How many police helicopters are there to a police department?

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depends on the police dept some have several others have one some dont have any, but do use private, and tv choppers if needed

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Why are there are no helicopters on the police station?

Many police stations have helicopters. Many do not have helicopters, because they probably can not afford to buy or lease one.

Do police have helicopters?

yes, many police departments have helicopters. Soon they will have drones too

How many officers are in the san francisco police department?

how many police officers were on the san francisco police department in 1929

How many women police officers are on the Detroit Police department?

768 Women working as police officers in the Detroit Police Department.

How many police officers are on the Chicago police department?

There are about 13,400 sworn police officers and 1,850 other employees in the Chicago Police Department.

What is the difference between a highway patrol helicopter and a police helicopter?

Difference in HelicoptersA highway patrol is a statewide department while a police department is generally a local or city police department. Police helicopters are generally going to patrol within there city limits (although many provide mutual aid to neighboring cities who do not have a helicopter), while highway patrol helicopters are going to patrol a much larger area, both within incorporated cities (freeways) and in unincorporated areas. Some state highway patrol departments fall under the "Department of Public Safety" such as in Arizona or Texas. Their state helicopters therefore are referred to as an "Arizona DPS Helicopter" or a "Texas DPS Helicopter." In states such as Maryland the state patrol helicopter falls under the State Police, and is referred to as the "Maryland State Police Helicopter."The roles of both highway patrol helicopters and police helicopters can vary widely. Also remember that most state highway patrol agencies also own and use fixed wing aircraft which are often more suitable for traffic enforcement. Fixed wing aircraft can generally stay in the air longer, and are a more stable platform for traffic enforcement.Thus, a state highway patrol helicopter is for the most part going to carry out the same function as a police, or a sheriff's department helicopter. In the State of California for example, a California Highway Patrol helicopter will assist other agencies with routine law enforcement calls such as stolen vehicles, vehicle pursuits, foot pursuits, burglaries, armed suspicious persons, etc. Many California Highway Patrol helicopters are also equipped to carry out rescues, and have been involved in many rescues of lost or injured hikers, etc.In many rural areas, both in California and throughout the country, very often the state police, or highway patrol is the only law enforcement helicopter in the region.Regarding equipment, most modern helicopters whether they are local police or highway patrol are going to be outfitted with similar technologies. Generally this includes a suite of police radios for talking with various police and fire agencies, a spot light, P.A. system, and a heat sensing camera (FLIR). Most law enforcement helicopters are jet helicopters or more accurately jet turbine helicopters. There are a few smaller police agencies that use piston powered helicopters such as the R-44 or the Schweizer 300. You can learn more about police helicopters at

How many Chicago police districts were there before 1981 and numbered on the old style patches?

Chicago Department of Aviation Police Chicago Housing Authority Police Department Chicago Park District Police Department Lincoln Park District Police Department Morgan Park Police Department South Park District Police Department West Park District Police Department

How many police officers are on the Cleveland police department?

In 2007 there were 1584 sworn officers of all ranks on the Cleveland Police Department.

How many police officers are on the Detroit police department?

approximately 3,000

How many police officers work for the Houston police department?


How many employees do the police department have?


How many police dog officers are in the troton police department?

0 dogs

How many police officers are with the Phoenix Police Department?

Approximately 3,200 sworn.

What is the abbreviation of police department?

PD (Police Department)

Do the Police in the UK have planes?

Yes, especially helicopters.

How many police stations are there in Minneapolis?

There are five different police departments in Minneapolis. They are the University of Minnesota Police Department, Metro Transit Police, Hennepin County Sheriff's Office, Minneapolis Park Police and Minneapolis Police Department.

How many police officers are in the Toledo OH Police Department?

There were 721 sworn officers of all ranks on the Toledo Ohio Police Department as of 12-31-2009.

Do you capitalize police after the department name?

You capitalize 'police' after the department name, where the word is part of the department name, as in, 'The Somerville Police Department is looking to recruit more policeofficers.'

When did police in US cities begin using helicopters?

During the 1970's when helicopters from the services were cheap to buy.

What is the highest paying police department?

Austin police department

What is the best police department to work for?

tijuana police department

How many officers in Philadelphia police?

The Philadelphia Police Department has a authorized strength of 6600 Sworn Police Officers.

What division in a police department investigates police corruption?

In many police departments, that would be the Internal Affairs Division.

When did Modesto police department start?

1875 is when the Modesto Police Department was founded. The current Chief of Police in the department is Galen Carroll.

How many police officers are with the Los Angeles police department?

9830 according to the LAPD website.