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There are as of 2006, 683,396 full time state, city, university and college, metropolitan and non-metropolitan county, and other law enforcement officers in the United States. There are approx. 120,000 full time law enforcement personnel working for the federal government adding up to a total number of 800,000 law enforcement personnel in the U.S.

Update 760.000 state and local sworn officers 2008, 120,000 federal sworn officers 2008, 368,000 civilians in police agencies (state and local only) 2008. This is in excess of 1.1 million.

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How many police officers are employed in Florida?

35,520 Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers were employed in Florida in 2009.

Where are most police officers are employed?

The place with the most police officers is China, followed by India.

How many police officers are employed in Massachusetts?

Not enough.

How many police officers were employed in 2007?


Who make sure the laws are carried out in the United States?

Police officers, judges, and juries

How many police officers of all types in the U.S.?

There are roughly one million commissioned law enforcement officers in the United States.

How many police officers employed with the California Highway Patrol?

According to Wikipedia as of 2009 there are over 7,500 officers employed by the California Highway Patrol.

How much do gang unit officers get paid?

Gang unit officers are police officers who specialize in tracking and working to stop gang activity. The average salary in the United States for a police officer is 52,000 dollars.

How many police officers are employed in California?

Around 90,000 to 100,000.

Can a police officer carry a concealed weapon in new york?

Yes. Federal legislation was put into place which allows off-duty active police officers and retired police officers to carry concealed in all states and territories of the United States.

How are the northern and the southern similar?

They are in the united states, they serve brussel sprouts, have camps, have police officers, and are states! Does that help hottie?

How many police officers were killed in 2013?

In 2013, 105 Law Enforcement Officers died in the line of duty in the United States of America.

How old are most police officers when the decide to join?

Most police officers decide to enter the academy between the ages of 21-25. In most cases, a police officer must be a citizen of the United States.

What are the largest police departments in us?

The New York City Police Department is the largest in the United States (37,800 officers), followed by Chicago (13,600 officers) and Los Angeles (9,600). The largest Sheriff's Department in the United States is the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (8,400 Officers, 7,400 unsworn employees).

How many police officers are employed by west Yorkshire police?

According to Wikipedia, the West Yorkshire Police was created in 1974 and currently employs 5,671 officers plus civilian staff.

What percentage of law enforcement are women?

About 12% of police officers and about 20% of FBI agents in the United States are women.

Can police officers drag you?

In the United States, police officers really can't just 'drag' you. However, they will pick you up and bring you to wherever they need you to go if you are under arrest or for another legitimate reason.

Why does a police officer retire at 50 years old?

Police officers in the United States can opt to retire with 20 years of service for half pay.

What is police personnel?

Police personnel are the people who makes up the police force. This includes the officers, staff, police community officers, and volunteer officers.Added: The above description applies ONLY to SWORN Law Enforcement Officers. Civilian personnel and others employed by the police are considered police department support personnel, and have no special powers.

How many police officers employed in Louisville Ky?

8 patrol divisions in total

What is a federal police officer?

Any sworn law enforcement officer who is employed by a federal agency or entity of some type who is sworn to uphold and defend the laws of the United States. (e.g.- FBI Agents - BATF Agents - ICE agents - Secret Service Agents - US Marshalls - US Park Police Officers (not to be confused with US Forest or Park Rangers who may, or may not, be sworn law enforcement) - White House Police Officers - etc - etc - etc). In short; any individual with the power of arrest who is employed by the US. The power of their 'jurisdiction" is anywhere in the United States or US territories.

Police officers salary?

The average police officer in the United States is paid $28,000 each year. The highest average is California with $62,810 per year.

What is the National average number for a police officer per 1000 citizens?

What is the national average for the number of police officers per 1000 citizens in the United States?

What is the dd form 1805?

United States District Court Violation Notice. A citation issued by federal police officers.

Where do police officers get their money?

They are employed by the city or county in which they work; they would be on that city or county's payroll.