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The average human face has 20,000 pores. FACT

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Q: How many pores are on a human face?
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Related questions

How many pores are in your face?

About 20,000

What are open pores?

Open pores are pores that have been unclogged. You can do this by cleaning your face or steaming your face.

How many pores are on the human foot?


How many pores are on a human foot?

ABOUT 400. Type your answer here...

How do you minimize pores?

boil hot water and out your face over it. (this opens the pores). if you want to wash your face to get the dirty out of the open pores. then, quickly get something cold, like ice and rub it on your face. or rub the ice in a washcloth and tab your face. ( this should close the pores). it worked for me. hoped this helped :)

How to reduce pores on the face?

you need wash your face all day and you need to use cleanser to prevert pores and pimples

What is a pore minimizer and what does it do for your face?

A pore minimizer is a cream that is used on your face to help reduce the appearance of pores. If you are looking for smaller pores make sure that you get something that is specifically for your pores.

How do you get rid of large pores on the face?

When your pores are open, they look large. To close them, rinse your face with cold water. (warm opens them)

How do you get pores from my face to go away?


How many pores in human body?

their are around 3 trillion pores on a human body on average but depends on how tall and how big the person is so if their's a tall person who is 6"4 and over weight they will have more pores then a person who is 5"7 that is thin

What causes large pores on the face?

one big reason is when you do not wash your face at night.. weather you have makeup on or not, bacteria gets on your face during the day and at night everything on your face gets in your skin and clogs your pores , streching them, and causing pimples or blackheads. You can minimize your pores by getting a pore minimizing face wash

Can you use vaseline on face?

You can - but be careful. If you are planning to leave it on your face for several hours it can clog your pores. Your pores should be able to breathe. Hope this helps.

Is it possible to minimize pores?

Washing your face often with a good cleanser is recommended to reduce pores. If your pores are always clean, they should get smaller.

Why does Hair gel break out on face?

It clogs the pores.

Why is the face more susceptible to acne?

Smaller pores.

How do you close pores of skin?

you cant, but you can reduce the appearance of them some good face masks are out there to tighten pores

How do you close pores on the face?

I find that the best way to close the pores on your skin is to use cold water.

How long does it take for the pores to close?

Pores on your face do not open and close. they do not have muscles around them. Your pores can appear larger when they are clogged with dead skin cells and dirt. Mixed with the oil that the pores secrete the pore can form acne and blackheads. Keeping your face clean will make your pores appear (not actually shrink) smaller.

How can one get rid of large pores?

Someone looking to get rid of large pores can do so by washing their face every day. Applying ice cubes to the face can help shrink pores. Making a homemade baking soda paste will also help diminish large pores.

What opens up your pores?

steam, or hot face clothes

What does a facial do for your face?

A facial cleans your face. It opens all of your pores and gets out all the dirt.

How many sweat pores does a human have?

The skin has more the 4 million pores. On another note, a section of skin about the size of a quarter has more that 600 sweat glands. Esthetician

Does cocoa butter clog pores?

Its possible if you use to much.Epically on your face.

What are the conrtoindications to face painting?

There could be an allergic reaction or clogged pores.

How can you unclog your pores?

Exfoliating or simply washing your face morning and night