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How many possible ways can a batter strike out?

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Basically, three waysHe can strike out swinging. He can strike out looking, that is, taking a called third strike. And he can strike out by fouling off a third strike while attempting to bunt.

Fourth way: the batter get two strikes - gets hurt - gets replaced by someone else to finish the AB - and that someone else gets the 3rd strike via swinging and missing, strike looking or the foul bunt.

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What are 3 ways a strike is called on a batter for softball?

The batter watches a strike go by and doesn't swing the bat. A batter swings at a strike and misses. A batter swings at a ball and misses. A batter could also attempt to bunt on the third strike, bunting it foul would lead to the batter being called out.

What are 3 ways the fielding team can get the batter out in softball?

strike out, ground out, fly out

What are three ways a softball batter can get out?

There are many ways that a batter can get out. * They can get a strike out. (The ball is thrown in the strike zone and the batter doesn't hit it 3 times) * They can get an out at first. (The batter hits the ball somewhere in the field and the fielder throws the ball to first before the batter lands her foot on the bag making a force out) * Be called out by umpire for leaving bag too early for a lead off.(If the batter gets a head start for the next bag they are going to before the ball leaves the pitchers hand then the batter is called out by the umpire)

How many ways can a batter reach first base in softball?

A batter can get a hit.A batter can walk.A batter can get hit by a pitch.A batter can run out a drop third strike and make it safely.A batter can reach first base on an error.A batter can reach first base because of a fielder's choice to make a play elsewhere.

What are the ways a batter can get a strike called on her?

The ball passing through the strike zone. The batter making an attempt to hit the ball by swinging or making a bunt offer at the pitch. The ball striking the bat and not the player even if the batter made no attempt to hit the ball. The ball being hit by the batter into foul territory. The last way is seldom called but once a pitcher steps on the rubber and is ready to pitch the batter has 10 seconds to get in the batters box and be ready to hit if not a strike can be called.

How many possible ways can a batter be put out?

fly out ground out (force out) tagged out strike out -called -swinging -dropped third strike, thrown out at first -foul bunt for strike 3 hit by the ball in fair territory before a fielder touches it double hitting out of the baseline obstructing a throw (ball hit to catcher, batter runs in fair territory and is hit by the throw) batting out of order using an illegal bat (cork, pine tar, etc) running the bases in the wrong order (also, missing a base)

What are 4 ways a batter can reach first base?

There are 6 ways a batter can reach first base. Base on Balls - a batter is pitched 4 balls Hit By Pitch Hit a single An error in the field Fielders choice (the fielder got another runner out instead of the batter) If the third strike gets past the catcher the batter can run to first if he can beat the catchers throw.

How many ways can a batter get to first base without getting a hit?

The ways to get on base without getting a hit are:(1) Walk(2) Hity by pitch(3) Error(4) Fielder's choice(5) Interference(6) Obstruction(7) Wild pitch (uncaught third strike)(8) Passed ball (uncaught third strike)

How do you get a batter out?

There are several ways to get a batter out. 1. They strike out swinging. 2. They strike out looking. (they don't swing, but the ball is in the strike zone) 3. They bunt a foul ball while they already have a 2 strike count. 4. They hit a fly ball that is caught by a fielder. 5. They hit a ground ball and the ball is thrown to first base before they step on it. 6. They hit a ball close to where they are running and they get tagged out.

What is the difference between balls and strikes?

A "strike" can be earned by a batter in one of a few ways. First, any time a batter swings at a ball and misses, regardless of the location of the pitch, a strike is earned. Second, a strike is earned when a foul ball is hit - unless the foul ball is hit with two strikes have already been earned. In this case, the pitch is simply a foul ball and is not counted as a strike. Finally, if a batter does not hit a ball that is delivered within the "strike zone," the pitch is a strike. The "strike zone" is a three-dimensional area with top of the zone halfway between the batter's shoulders and top of his uniform pants, the bottom of the zone is the hollow of his knee, the right and left boundaries are the edges of home plate. When a batter records three strikes, he has earned an out. A "ball" is any pitch that comes over home plate outside of the strike zone. The only exception to this rule is if the batter swings at such a pitch. In that case, it is automatically a strike, regardless of the position of the pitch. When a batter is delivered four "balls," he earns a "base on balls," a free pass to first base. Since the batter can walk to first, this is also known as a "walk."

How many ways can you strike out on a baseball field?

2 Swing and miss or call strike by the umpire.

What are ways a batter can be called out in softball?

They can strike out, hit the ball and it be caught, or hit the ball and either be tagged (with the ball) or a player gets to the base before them (with the ball).

How many ways can a batter reach second base?

I don't know how many ways, but here are the ones that I can think of. The batter hits a home run. (Even though he passes the base, he still reaches it) The batter hits a triple. The batter hits a double. The batter hits a ground-rule double. The batter hits a ball that gets stuck or lost in the outfield wall (or ivy) or other structure. The batter hits a single, but a fielder's error allows the batter to take an extra base. I can't think of any others.

Five ways to get on base without hitting the ball?

Depending on what it means to "get on base" (in the game of baseball) without hitting the ball, I suggest the following ways: 1. As a batter, get a "base on balls." 2. As a batter, be hit by a pitch. 3. As a batter, strike out, the catcher drops the third strike (or misses it completely), the batter runs to first base before the catcher (or other fielder) can retrieve the ball "throw him out" at first base. 4. As a batter, during a swung-on pitch the bat comes in contact with any part of the catcher or his/her equipment. This is most commonly the catcher's mitt. 5. Be substituted as a runner for another player who has already "gotten on base."

What ways a batter can be out?

if they have 3 strikes

What is an out in baseball?

According to MLB Rule 2.00: "An OUT is one of the three required retirements of an offensive team during its time at bat." There are many ways an out can be recorded. The three most common are the flyout, groundout, and strikeout: 1) Flyout: A batter hits the ball in the air that is caught by a defensive player before it hits the ground.2) Groundout: A batter hits the ball on the ground that is fielded by a defensive player and thrown to first base before the batter reaches first base.3) Strikeout: A batter accumlates three strikes before accumulating four balls or before hitting the ball and putting it into play. A strike is a pitched ball that the batter either swings at and misses or a pitched ball that the batter does not swing at but passes through the strike zone. A ball is a pitch that the batter does not swing at and does not pass through any part of the strike zone.Click on the 'Definition of Terms' link below to read the definitions of terms used in baseball.

How many ways can you strike out in baseball?

3- let ball go by, swing and miss, and bunt foul on the third strike

How many ways can a batter in major league baseball reach 1 base saftley?

1. Base on balls 2. Base hit 3. Fielder's choice (the batter hits the ball and the fielder throws to another base, not 1st base, to get an out.) 4. Hit by pitch 5. Error by a fielder 6. Dropped third strike and the batter beats the throw to first 7. Catcher's interference

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What are the ways a batter can be declared out in softball?

Three strikes, dropped third strike (if the catcher gets them), breaks the rules/ anything illegal or a caught fly ball if the ball doesn't hit the ground.

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6 ways to get on first without getting a hit?

1. The pitcher throws four balls and you get a walk. 2. The pitcher hits the batter with a pitch. 3. The manager decides to walk the batter without pitching. 4. On strike three the catcher drops the ball and no one is on first and the batter beats the throw to first. 5. An error by the fielders in which the hit does not count. 6. Fielder's Choice