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Well, I can only think of one: By a runner crossing home-plate. If you can find some other way, please let me know.

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Q: How many possible ways can a run be scored?
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In cricket how many runs scored after attempt second run while run out?

only 1 run

What kind of cricket run is scored without the batsman hitting the ball?

There are many ways runs can be scored that too without using the cricket bat. Some examples are:Widesno ballsleg byesbyesover throws

How many run scored Sachin in his first test?


What is the difference between a run and a home run?

A run is a point scored by a team, whether it's accomplished by stealing home or trotting home after a walk with the bases loaded. There are many ways to score a run, and a home run is one of them. A home run can account for as many as four runs (if the bases or loaded) or as few as one (a solo shot).

Who scored the 1000001 run in MLB?

Davey Concepcion, SS, Cincinnati reds...he scored the run on a Home Run just seconds after Bob Watson scored the 1,000,000th run for the Houston Astros.

How many runs yuvraj singh scored in his 1st odi?

84 run

Why are home runs important to baseball players?

It is an instant HR, RBI, run scored for the record, and a show of strength and if possible, a game winner.

Is a run scored after walking an earned run or un-earned run?

It depends on how the runner who scored reached base. If the runner was on by way of an error, the run would be UNearned if he scores on a walk.

Who scored the most run in 2003 world cup?

Sachin Tendulkar has scored most runs.He has scored 673 runs.

When a run scores on a balk is it scored as an unearned run?

It is an earned run. Rule 10.18(a)

Who scored Major league baseballs one millionth run?

Bob Watson of the Houston Astros scored the 1,000,000 run ever scored by the National and American Leagues on May 4, 1975.

Who scored maximum run in world cup?

Maximum run scored in world cup was 237.It was scored by Martin Guptill.He played this innings against West Indies in 2015 world cup.

What is the meaning of scored the winning run?

It means u scored the run (point) that caused your team to win the baseball game; to score a run u must go all the way around the bases and tag home plate without getting tagged by a defender with the ball or you could cause someone else to do this by hitting the ball or a few other ways

How many run did the sir don bradman in his last match?

He scored '0' in his last test match.

What does AS run mean in baseball?

also scored

How many run ways does Manchester airport have?

2 Runways

If a batter hits a home run it goes in his stats as a home run and an rbi but does it also go in his stat as a run scored?

Yes, every time the player "touches home plate", he gets a run scored in his stats.

In cricket how can two batsmen cross without a run scored and not getting out?

The batsmen can only can cross after an over and can't cross without a run is scored or not getting out.

What is an Earned run?

A run scored without the aid of an error, used in computing earned run averages.

Is a run scorees on a passed ball is it considered an earned run?

A run scored on a passed ball is unearned.

How many times has a team scored a run in every inning of a regulation MLB game and which team was the last to do it?


In cricket what is a run scored not from the bat?

Extra extra

Highest run scored in single innings?


Who has scored most run in ipl?

jacques kallis

Who scored maximum run in the Cricket World Cup 2011?

Tilakratne Dilshan of Sri Lanka scored the maximum run (500) in the ICC World Cup 2011.