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How many possible ways can a run be scored?


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2015-07-15 19:47:31
2015-07-15 19:47:31

Well, I can only think of one: By a runner crossing home-plate. If you can find some other way, please let me know.


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There are many ways runs can be scored that too without using the cricket bat. Some examples are:Widesno ballsleg byesbyesover throws

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A run is a point scored by a team, whether it's accomplished by stealing home or trotting home after a walk with the bases loaded. There are many ways to score a run, and a home run is one of them. A home run can account for as many as four runs (if the bases or loaded) or as few as one (a solo shot).

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Davey Concepcion, SS, Cincinnati reds...he scored the run on a Home Run just seconds after Bob Watson scored the 1,000,000th run for the Houston Astros.

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It is an instant HR, RBI, run scored for the record, and a show of strength and if possible, a game winner.

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It depends on how the runner who scored reached base. If the runner was on by way of an error, the run would be UNearned if he scores on a walk.

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