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How many pound does a leopard weigh?

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Male leopards can weigh from 66 to 200 pounds.

Female leopards weigh from 51 to 130 pounds.

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How many US 20 dollar bills are in a pound?

If you mean how many WEIGH a pound, and not how many are in a British pound, all US paper bills weigh 1 gram. A pound is about 454 grams so you'd need 454 bills to weigh a pound.

How much does a baby leopard weigh?

Leopard cubs weigh around 1 to 4 pounds at birth.

How much do leopard tortoises weigh?

leopard tortoises usually weigh up tp 100 to 120 pounds.

How many cups of potatoes equal a pound?

2 cups mashed weigh a pound

How much does a leopard weigh?

An leopard can weigh between 66-155 lbs.Males can weigh up to 200lbs, females 130lbs - according to wikipedia.

How many kilograms does a dog weigh if it is70 pound?

A kilogram is a measure of mass, not of weight. A 70 pound dog will weigh 311 Newtons.

What is heavier a pound of marijuana or a pound of cocaine?

They both weigh a pound. Which means the weigh the same

How much does a baby snow leopard weigh at birth?

A snow leopard might weigh one to five or four lbs

How much does a PS3 game weigh in lbs?

they do not weigh a pound and weigh about an 1/8 of a pound

How much does a fully grown leopard weigh?

A full grown leopard can weigh as much as 201 pounds. The males tend to weigh more than the females.

How many cans weigh one pound?

Approximately 21 cans to one US pound.

How many pounds will you weigh on the planet Mars?

First how much is you? If you weigh 80 pound; then it is 5,000,651

How much a pound does potato salad weigh?

A pound of potato salad would weigh----1 pound!

What is the weight of a female leopard?

A female leopard can weigh 62 - 132 pounds.

How fat does the leopard seal get?

A leopard seal can weigh up to 840 pounds

What weighs more a pound of lead or a pound of sand?

they both weigh the same because a pound of sand and a pound of lead will still weigh a pound

Name 4 objects that weigh less than one pound?

A paper clip, sheet of notebook paper, average pencil, and a toothbrush are objects that weigh less than a pound. Many things weigh less than a pound.

How many kiliograms does 66 pound child weigh?

A 66 pound child weighs 29.937 kilograms.

What weighs more a pound of butter or a pound of feathers?

They both weigh the same as both of them originally weigh-in at a pound

What weighs a pound of bricks or pound of chesse?

A scale can weigh either one, and it can also weigh a pound of feathers.

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