How many pounds can you lose in 22 days excersising?

Safely? Fat, water, muscle?
If you're seeking to lose only fat, I'd aim for a maximum of 3 lbs of fat loss per week, a total of 9 over the period.
Lift weights (helps fat burn tremendously), do an hour or so of moderate-hard cardio, and eat 1500-2000 of healthy calories per day.
Make sure you drink plenty of water (2+ liters per day) to keep off excess water weight (yes, it seems counter-intuitive, but the more water you give your body, the less it feels it has to keep on), and eat 5-6 small meals per day.
Following the above will keep your metabolism high, calories expended significant, and calories taken in restricted.
Count your calories, and try to maintain a deficit of 1500 per day (if you eat 1500, expend 3000). This will translate to 3 lbs of fat lost per week.