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How many pounds do you have to gain to play as a wide receiver or running back when you currently weigh 120 pounds?

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Depends on your level of play...little league to pro. Weight doesn't matter too much at the wide receiver (WR) position. Speed (#1), hands (#2) and height (#3) are the major areas a coach looks at when determining a WR. For running back (RB) speed is still #1, but weight becomes an issue depending on your coaches style of play. Does the coach run the ball a lot? If so, a bigger RB will wear down the defenses better. If the coach likes to run around the ends and play option, then a smaller speedy back would be ok. In HS, our starting WR weighed about 135 pounds (senoir year). He was very fast and had good hands.

2006-11-07 18:43:16
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