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Only about an ounce (2/35 of a pound).

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I am 5.6 tall and i am 160 pounds when i do 1500 steps, i lose 100 calories. Most often, i lose 200 calories when i do 3000 steps. When i do 8500 steps, i lose 600 calories and so on.

That's about the equivalent to 0.057 pounds.

If you eat 100 calories and burn 200 calories, you create a calorie deficit of 100. It takes about 3600 calories lost to lose one pound. So in this case you'd have lost 1/36 of a pound.

You cannot lose 200 pounds in one week.

Depending on your weight around 150-200 calories. for every minute you lose 4 calories for every 50 pounds you have for example if you weight 200 divide that by 50 which is 4 multiply that by 4 and it gives you 16 so 160 calories

it depends on the pace that you walk at...if it's a fast walk i'd say you would lose round 500 calories.

There isn't enough time in the day to lose 50 pounds. If ur thinking of not eating anything all day it still wont work.

It depends on how many you are burning. Are you exercising or sitting on the couch?

3500 calories equal 1lb of fat. So a reasonable weight loss is to cut out 500 calories a day and lose an average of 4lbs per month. To answer the question as is, she needs to cut out 1500 calories a day. That's the basics. Of course you can sit down and figure out Basic Metabolic Rate and how many calories it takes to maintain that 200 lb weight each day, then cut out calories from there. There is a formula out there for that.

All depends on the person working out. People burn calories faster or slower depending on their weight. For example if you weigh 100 pounds and another guy weighs 200 pounds he will burn twice as many calories as you. That's why you here of people who are like 400 + pounds losing like 200 pounds after 9 months of working out.

u can loose about 200 kcal , seriousely even more

Approximately 120 calories, 200 if you walk in the road ditches.

1600 calories for a female if you are exercising. and eating nice and clean healthy calories

You cannot lose 200 pounds in 28 days, even if you had weight loss surgery. I am sorry to disappoint you but it is simply not possible. Nonetheless, you certainly can lose 200 pounds through diet and exercise. It will just take longer.

Before you start to lose weight you will need to look at the (body mass index). That will help you to see if you will need to lose weight or not. If you do need to lose weight, its best that you talk to your nutritionist and they can help you to decide how many calories you should have each day, what foods you should be eating, and what foods you shouldn't be eating regularly.

i do 200 in the middle and 100 to both sides

You aren't losing calories. Instead, you are burning them off. If you are burning that many calories through exercise, though, it is healthier to up your calories intake by 100 or 200 calories, though.

It depends how many calories you consume. If you eat 800 calories a day, then burning 1000 calories a day will mean you've lost 200 calories a day.

To lose 20 pounds, you will have to create a calorie deficit of 70,000 calories. At 160 pounds, you will burn 200 calories per hour at a slow pace. This is 350 hours of walking over the next three months. This is approximately 4 hours of walking per day, provides that this plan is in conjunction with healthy eating habits.

approximately 200 to 300 calories

A scredriver has about 200 Calories

If you want to loss some weight. than start exorcise and loss atleast 200 calories in a day.

How lose 200 pounds in three months

* If you are 16 and about 200 pounds you need about 2600 calories per day. To lose weight in a moderate way you will need to eat about 500 fewer calories per day, so around 2100 calories should be your goal. AND a lot of running!!! * A slow weight loss of 1 or 2 pounds a week, until the desirable body weight is reached, is best.

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