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over 66 billion pounds of food are consumed by the average human in 1 minute

How many pounds of food that an average horse will eat varies depending on the type of food offered. The average horse eats about 2 to 3 percent of his body weight in hay or forage every day. This could be up to about 20 pounds.

A cheetah eats 6 pounds of food a day on average.

We eat an average of 25 lbs. each month.

how many pounds of food can the stomach hold

Depends on the quality of the food, but on average probably around 200olbs. 300 at the very most.

The average broiler chicken weighs 5.80 pounds at 47 days old. The average amount of food given to each broiler was 1.91 pounds to make it gain the weight over 47 days. By comparison, the average broiler chicken weighed 5.03 pounds a decade ago, 3.93 pounds thirty years ago and 2.89 pounds in 70 years ago.

The average is roughly 20lbs.

It Depends. How much exercise you get, how old you are, and whether you are a girl or boy determines how much food a person eats.

About a hundred pounds of water if the average weight is 150 lbs.

It can fly many miles. Most will fly up to 10 miles just to look for food. I hope you know that they are extinct now...

The number of pounds of food that a person eats depends on the age and the sex. Female children eat the least number of pounds of food.

Challenging food questions are mostly things like foods from other countries and food math questions like "on average how many pounds of meat are eaten in three hours?"

Newborn foals average 125 pounds

On average, 16 pounds maximum.

80 - 170 pounds at average.

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